OnePlus Power Bank inherits its design and built quality from its One smartphone
OnePlus Power Bank inherits its design and built quality from its smartphoneIBTimes India

Following the huge success of its debut smartphone One, OnePlus has launched a power bank device for supplying essential battery juice when required. Powered by a 10,000 mAh battery, the OnePlus power bank device comes in two color choices, sandstone black and silk white.


Both the variants feature similar exterior finish as of OnePlus One smartphones. With a matte finish, the power bank device offers an ergonomic grip and never slips from the hand.

With a paperback book-like finish, the power bank device offers rounded corner on one side and metallic finished edge on the other. The OnePlus logo sits on the top right corner in the front, while the essential port sits at the top.

OnePlus features one micro USB port for charging the battery and two USB ports for output. Please note, two USB output means you can charge two devices at a time.

OnePlus Power Bank Ports
OnePlus Power Bank PortsIBTimes India

Built Quality

Measured at 142.8x72.6x16.2mm, the OnePlus Power bank is similar to the smartphone shape, hence you can easily carry it with your phone, even in your jeans pocket. Weighing just 220g, the power bank is light either to hold or carry in your backpack.

The notification has been transcribed by a series of blue LED's, housed at the top right side. The LEDs show the battery status of the power bank only when the device is charging any gadget while getting charged.

OnePlus Power Bank design
OnePlus Power Bank designIBTimes India


While testing the device, we first charged the OnePlus power bank to its fullest. For a full charge, the power bank takes almost five hours, but we don't recommend charging overnight as once any device's battery gets fully charged it must be plugged out instantly so as to get a long battery life.

We also recommend optimizing the battery on the first usage that includes a cycle of three full charging and three complete discharging for achieving a tad better battery life.

We tested various smartphones from different manufactures to get the complete picture and we started with a Google Nexus 5 smartphone that packs a 2,300 mAh Li-Po battery. A 30 percent-charged Nexus 5 battery took only 1 hour and 18 minutes to get completely charged in the OnePlus power bank .

Our next device was Lenovo A7000, which comes powered by a 2900 mAh battery. The power bank took 1 hour and 58 minutes to charge the battery from 30 to 100 percent. Even after charging two phones, there was enough juice available on the power bank, so we plugged in a ZenFone 2 ZE551ML, which had 15 percent charge left on its 3,000 mAh battery. On this session, the power bank took around 2 hours and 51 minutes.

OnePlus Power Bank Design
OnePlus Power Bank DesignIBTimes India

Next device was Huawei's latest budget smartphone Honor Bee and OnePlus power bank took 2 hours and 19 minutes to charge its 1,730 mAh battery from 0 to 100 percent. Surprisingly, the device still had some juice left, so we plugged in a Xiaomi Redmi note with a 10 percent charge. The power bank charged it up to 30 percent before getting completely discharged.


The OnePlus power bank provides an actual battery life of 8530mAh, which is common with every power bank available in the world. With a conversion rate of 0.8 percent, any power bank device can only deliver up to 80 percent of the claimed capacity, and OnePlus stood by its claims.

The OnePlus power bank is available exclusively through Amazon India for ₹1,399 and we believe it is a great buy for the price.