OnePlus embarked its concept phone journey with the launch of OnePlus Concept One at this year's CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The popular smartphone maker made waves with the innovative "invisible camera," but only those who attended the CES event had the chance to see the concept phone first hand. If you've been eager to see the OnePlus Concept One up close, you're in luck - all thanks to OnePlus.

OnePlus is commencing a world tour and the star of the tour will be OnePlus Concept One. Through this tour, OnePlus is giving a chance for everyone to get a closer look at the "invisible camera" technology. From North America to France and the UK to India, several events have been scheduled on different dates to showcase the OnePlus Concept One.

OnePlus Concept One tour dates

OnePlus Concept One World Tour
OnePlus Concept One World TourOnePlus

OnePlus world tour will commence on February 5 and go on till February 19, covering all major cities across the world. In India, OnePlus will be showcasing OnePlus Concept One in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi on February 8.

You can check out all the dates and when the OnePlus Concept One would be available in a city near you.

North America

  • Seattle, US - February 6


  • Paris, France February 5
  • Cologne, Germany February 7
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands February 12
  • McLaren HQ, Woking, UK February 13
  • Helsinki, Finland February 17
  • Copenhagen, Denmark February 19


  • Delhi February 8
  • Mumbai February 8
  • Bangalore February 8

OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus One Concept in photos
OnePlus Concept One World TourOnePlus

OnePlus Concept One comes with invisible rear cameras and a McLaren papaya orange leather back. The electrochromic glass on the OnePlus Concept One hides the cameras when not in use, revealing only when the camera app is launched. While the rest of the aspects of OnePlus Concept One are not out of the ordinary, it is the invisible camera tech and McLaren-inspired design that strikes an appeal.