India might be reeling under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, people running pillar to post to secure a hospital bed, wait four several hours in line just to give a dignified farewell to the deceased, but there's no slowing down of luxury car sales as Porsche figures have shown.

Porsche India recorded healthy sales numbers this year, marking a record growth compared to last year. The luxury car brand's first-quarter sales for 2021 showed a sale of 154 new vehicles, which marked a 52 percent growth over the same period last year.

Porsche 911 GT3
Porsche 911 GT3PR Handout

According to the quarterly sales figures released by Porsche India, the carmaker sold an average of one Panamera every week till the end of March. All of the segments witnessed growth - SUVs at 38 percent, its 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman, at 26 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

Porsche's best quarterly sales

Due to this record sale, Porsche actually sent out a press release giving its domestic figures, which is unlike anything the brand does. In fact, the Q1 2021 quarterly sales performance is the best the company recorded in seven years.

2017 Porsche Panamera
Porsche PanameraPorsche India

For those unaware, Porsche Panamera starts at Rs 1.44 crore (ex-showroom, Bengaluru). The Turbo S model goes over Rs 2.2 crore. Porsche attributed the demand for its cars to the addition of new variants of Panamera sports sedan. Also, Porsche sold more of its Macan SUVs in this quarter than it has in any quarter since 2015.

Despite it all, Porsche only acquires a minuscule part of the sportscars segment in India. The Porsche range of cars starts at Rs 85.46 lakh for its 718 lineup and the 911 models start at Rs 1.64 crore. Porsche currently has physical presence in six Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kochi and Chandigarh. According to the company, five more Porsche Centres in major cities will be opened by April 2022.