Dancer Kishan, who was eliminated from Bigg Boss Kannada 7 last week, says that one among Shine, Deepika and Kuri Prathap should win the title of this season. But Bhumi doesn't deserve to be the winner of the show.

Kishan returned his home after staying in the house of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 for 98 days. In an interview with International Business Times, India, he said that he is feeling fabulous to come back home. "I came out happy and confident. I really wanted to be there till the end and give it everything it took. But my bad! So many souls so happy for me outside," he told IBTimes India.

Talking about his experience in the Bigg Boss house, Kishan said, "It was superb! They have taken care of me as a child when I was ill and guess I have damaged myself the most. But every single day was a challenge and was just giving it everything. I felt like I was in another world where there is no time, no date, no days, pen, paper, phone, luxury and nothing."

Dancer Kishan
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On why the viewers voted him out

When asked about why the viewers voted him out of the Bigg Boss house, Kishan says he is yet to find out the reason for it. He says, "I am kind of I don't have a reason to give as once I was out I have only for positive comments on my participation. I don't know what I was lacking on."

Kishan says, "Kichha giving me jacket and his claps are my best moments in the Bigg Boss house. I will never forget mike used in the house. I have learned to be more conscious in situations and value everything. I want to see Shine, Deepika or Kuri Prathap should win the Bigg Boss title. But I feel Bhumi Shetty doesn't deserve to be the winner of the show.

Kishen Bilagal
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When asked about whether his stint in the Bigg Boss house brought any change in your personal or professional life, Kishan says, "Nothing at all!" Ask him about his upcoming projects, he adds, I am waiting to see what's coming my way."