It was around a few days back that the South African government announced the detection of a new variant of Covid. The World Health Organization (WHO) named the new variant Omicron and classified it as a variant of concern (VOC). And now, reports suggest that all the four people who were infected with the Omicron variant were fully vaccinated. 

Are covid vaccines ineffective against the Omicron variant? 

Even though there is no conclusive evidence, several medical experts believe that Covid vaccines may not be effective against the Omicron variant. It has been confirmed that the Omicron variant of Covid has a high number of mutations when compared to the currently dominant Delta variant. 

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Meanwhile, Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, a British NHS GP, Radio and TV presenter, and medical writer has claimed that the ongoing vaccination drives, vaccine passports, and other mandates are becoming meaningless. 

"So it is confirmed that all 4 cases of the new variant in Botswana were in fully vaccinated people. So blows a whole in the unvaccinated driving variants and further demonstrates that vaccine passports and mandates are meaningless," wrote Hoenderkamp on her Twitter page. 

It is still unclear whether the Omicron variant of Covid could trigger serious health complications among people. However, the transmissibility of the new variant is expected to be a little high when compared to the Delta and Alpha variants. 

Omnicron variant of Covid: India on high alert

Even though no Omicron cases have been reported in India, the country is currently on high alert. On Monday, India revised its guidelines for international travelers. According to the new guidelines, all International travelers, irrespective of the country they have visited, should undergo a compulsory Covid test upon arrival at the airport. 

According to the latest updates, the Omicron variant of Covid has been detected in Botswana, Hong Kong, the UK, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, Czech Republic, Australia, Portugal, and Canada. 

Meanwhile, the WHO has warned that the spread of the Omicron variant could pull the entire world into a state of chaos. 

"If another major surge of Covid-19 takes place driven by Omicron, consequences may be severe," said WHO.