Omar Abdullah
National Conference leader Abdullah had earlier on Sunday night expressed apprehension that he was going to be placed under house arrest.IANS

Omar Abdullah on Monday issued a statement criticising Chattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel's comments made in an interview. The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) also issued a statement in this regard. However, the politician took down the statement minutes after posting citing mistakes. 

The former CM Omar Abdullah has taken offence to Baghel's remarks on his release being linked to Sachin Pilot. He has also asserted legal action against Baghel. 

Errors in the JKNC statement

Chattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel's recent interview with The Hindu has caused a stir in the JKNC. In the interview, the CM said, "And as far as Sachin Pilot is concerned, not that I have been tracking the Rajasthan events so closely, but it does make one curious why Omar Abdullah was released? He and Mehbooba Muftiji were booked under the same Sections of the law, while she is still languishing, he is out. Is it because Mr Abdullah is brother-in-law of Sachin Pilot?" 

Bhupesh Baghel
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that his party came to power in the state by following the ideals of Mahatma GandhiIANS

This comment irked JKNC Vice President Omar Abdullah who was under police detention after Article 370 was abrogated. Omar Abdullah who came across the comment didn't take it lightly. On Monday, the party issued a statement slamming the remarks, however, it was taken down minutes later.

The initial statement had incorrectly mistaken Bhupesh Baghel for 'Bhupendra Baghel'. Further, the statement confused his position as the CM of Uttarakhand when he is, in fact, the CM of Chattisgarh.

JKNC initial statement on Bhupesh Baghel
@OmarAbdullah on Twitter

These mistakes could have been costly, however the party was quick to react and took the statement down on Twitter.  

Omar Abdullah tweet

The party then issued a fresh statement with the mistakes rectified. Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah said in his tweet, "I am fed up of the downright malicious and false allegation that what Sachin Pilot is doing is somehow linked to my or my father's release from detention earlier this year. Enough is enough. Mr@bhupeshbaghel will be hearing from my lawyers. Cc@RahulGandhi @INCIndia @rssurjewala."

JKNC's fresh statement reads:

NC rejects Baghels false accusations on Omar Abdullah's release

Says will initiate appropriate legal response

Srinagar, Jul 20: The Party has taken note of and expresses strong objection to the latest interview given by CM of Chattisgarh Mr. Bhupesh Baghel on 20.07.2020 wherein Mr. Baghel has maliciously suggested that the release of our Vice President Mr. Omar Abdullah from preventive detention was somehow related to Mr. Sachin Pilot or the present political situation unraveling in Rajasthan.

The Party unequivocally rejects such malicious, false and politically motivated statements that are used for convenient political posturing.

This statement apart from being false and scurrilous is defamatory to the reputation of Mr. Omar Abdullah as well. It is within the province of public knowledge that the release of Mr. Omar Abdullah happened after judicial intervention was sought from the Supreme Court and the illegal order of detention of Mr. Abdullah was challenged. Given the indefensible nature of the illegal detention order the same was revoked by the Government during the course of the proceedings before the Supreme Court.

We have taken cognizance of the libelous statement of Mr. Baghel and we are presently in the process of consulting our lawyers and shall be initiating appropriate legal action against the aforesaid statement. A detailed response shall follow thereafter.

Bhupesh Baghel hasn't yet responded to the statement.