Korean actress Kim Go Eun seems to be the flavor of the hour. Her drama Goblin aired its finale just a couple of days ago and fans have been heaping praises on Kim Go Eun for her convincing portrayal of Eun Tak, the Goblin's bride.

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Interestingly, this has led to fans unearthing old photographs of the actress during her modeling days. Before Kim Go Eun became a full-time actress, she worked as a model as well as a waitress at a noodle shop. But she soon realised, modelling wasn't for her.

"I only modelled for a short time because I felt like I wasn't cut out for the job, standing still, while the photographer took photos felt extremely awkward," she said during an appearance on Happy Together last year.

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Over the weekend, Kim Go Eun took to her Instagram page to share a photo of hers with Gong Yoo, who played her onscreen love interest in Goblin, and wrote that she was happy and thankful to be a part of the project. Other cast members have also been taking to their social media platforms to thank their viewers for their support that made Goblin one of the most-watched Korean dramas.

On January 21 Gong Yoo, too released a video where he spoke about his experience working on Goblin. "Being a divine person and not a regular human, it was a burden since my character was different than ones I've had before," he said, according to Koreaboo. "I felt some burden working with the excellent writer, directors, and staff but thanks to everyone's love and support, we were able to safely and successfully finish. As we wrap up, there's always that feeling of regret where I think I could have done better. I felt that with this drama. It's my first drama in a long time, I took a long time to decide on it. I promised to show everything I could. Thank you for loving me so much."

Next month, the cast and crew of Goblin will head to Thailand for a mini vacation to celebrate the success of the show.