A few days ago, Sony announced that the official PlayStation forum would be closing for good. The tech giant also remarked the event as an "end of an era." The forum has been helpful to the PlayStation community for many years. It was a one-stop resource for helpful content and also gave a sense of community for all PlayStation fans. However, the beloved forum is coming to a close today.

The PlayStation forum was the first place where players of the PlayStation 2 era would go looking for help, ask questions, and discuss games. Over the past decade, the official forum also ended up building a huge database of questions and answers. Users that heard this sad news expressed their fond memories of being a long-time forum member, some even described it as a social meeting place for PlayStation fans.

Besides announcing that the official forum is coming to close, Sony is yet to provide a reason behind this decision. When the company revealed the official PS5 logo on the forum, many gamers thought that it would stick to the 'traditional' ways of doing things for the upcoming next-gen console. However, the decision of shutting down the forum seems to tell a different story.

Where can PlayStation fans connect now?

Following the announcement, Sony has also encouraged PlayStation fans to continue conversations on the PlayStation.blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And we aren't sure if these blogs or social media platforms will satisfy the same needs that members of the forum yearn.

Since comments in blog posts are typically locked to specific posts and social media websites aren't great options for full-fledged human conversations, we are yet to see if this move works out in favour of the community. If you were a regular visitor to the PlayStation forum, it is understandable if this news could have been a hard pill to swallow.

It is understandable that with changing times, things have to be adapted and reformed, but this news is still saddening. With the forum officially shutting down, we won't be getting the same support and collection of knowledge from anywhere else. Good 'ol memories!