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Secretariat building Rajasthan.Rajasthan government official website

A few BJP MLAs in Rajasthan have claimed that the Secretariat is haunted and have also demanded that a 'havan' or puja should be conducted to get rid of "negative energies and evil souls".

This comes days after RJD leader Tej Pratap vacated his bungalow as he believed that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had released ghosts in the house.

The fear that the Secretarial is haunted rose after the recent deaths of two BJP MLAs–Kalyan Singh and Kirti Kumari. Reports also claim that the land on which the Secretariat was constructed had once accommodated a burial ground.

On Thursday, BJP MLAs Habibur Rahman and Kalulal Gurjar raised the issue with Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje in the House.

Rehman said that while he and his party members were discussing the untimely deaths of their colleagues, they informed Raje that the spirits of the deceased lawmakers have been haunting the assembly, Hindustan Times reported.

He also added that since the assembly shifted to the new premises in 2001, MLAs from each of the terms have suffered sudden deaths.

The BJP MLA even urged Raje to conduct a 'havan' in the building which will help in purifying the surroundings. "I told madam that the building is constructed on a cremation ground and pujas should be performed to ward off evil spirits," said Rahman.

Gurjar also echoed his fellow MLA's request. "I think if the government gets a puja and purification ceremony done and a feast is organised then any evil spirits can be warded off," he said

However,  the assembly secretary Prithviraj has said that there no ghosts in the building.

"The concern of the MLAs is unfounded. I have worked till late night in the assembly several times and I never felt presence of any ghosts or spirits," he said.

This incident has yet again proven that Indian politicians are highly superstitious. Indian political leaders have been often seen holding pujas before elections. The biggest instance is the one that took place in February 2015 when Janata Dal (Secular) of Karnataka allegedly performed black magic to invoke a curse before handing over their party head office in Bengaluru to Congress.