Tamannaah Bhatia-starrer November Story is written and directed by Indhra Subramanian. The seven-episode series has GM Kumar, Pasupathy, Vivek Prasanna, Aruldoss, and others in the cast.

November Story Review
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It is a crime thriller in which Tamannah plays the role of an ethical hacker named Anuradha, daughter of crime novelist Ganeshan, an Alzeheimer patient. The story takes an interesting turn when a woman is murdered at her old house and her father is implicated in the case.

Sudalai (Aruldoss), investigating officer, and forensic pathologist Yesu (Pasupathi) see Ganesha's involvement in the case and Anuradha is trying hard to save her father. How the murder mystery unravelled.

November Story Review:
It has a complex story with an intriguing premise on paper. With interesting twists and turns, the drama tries to hold the viewers' attention. Music and editing are good. The solid cliffhangers in every episode are a major attraction, but the slow narration and logical loopholes are the biggest drawbacks of the web series. The stretched climax adds to its woes.

Tamannah Bhatia's dubbing is also not up to the mark and one gets an impression that a local actress could have pulled off the role with ease. Full marks for the performance of Pasupathi, GM Kumar, and Vivek Prasanna.

Check out The Audience's Reaction:

Rajasekar: For a Tamil web show #NovemberStory is good. But Tamil content producers should also look at the possibilities of improving the production values to compete with international shows.
#NovemberStory - A brainy thriller till the finale. Well written by director #RamSubramanian.
@tamannaahspeaks shines as the ethical hacker and doting daughter. The final episode is underwhelming and dragged after a point. Quality web show with a few minor hiccups towards the end
#Pasupathy has done a good job (his backstory narration is impressive with no dialogues), GM Kumar and Vivek Prasanna have done their parts well.

Siddarth Srinivas: #NovemberStory on Hotstar. A genuine, interesting crime drama that is a little too detailed & stretched out, but does impress. @tamannaahspeaks makes a mark in a role that isn't easy to pull off, and Pasupathy is the show stealer again. Worth a watch if you're okay with the pace.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Quite liked #NovemberStory. A slow-burning, extremely well detailed investigative thriller with solid cliffhangers in each episode. Pacing could be an issue; nevertheless a show that's largely satisfying. The writing deserves some praise. Both @tamannaahspeaks & Pasupathy shine

Sathish Kumar M: Director #Ram makes good debut with #NovemberStory Ep2 to Ep6 was completely engaging with good twists. Technically good with wonderful visuals, music & editing. Duration - 4.5 hours. Kudos to
@tamannaahspeaks for giving importance to the script and acting in this webseries
#NovemberStory A decent engaging webseries in Tamil after long time with good twists.
@tamannaahspeaks has given a subtle performance. #Pasupathy had given his best. All characterisations were realistic & good. Ep1 and Ep7 could have been better

Shreyas Srinivasan: #NovemberStory - Suprise! A convoluted crime thriller which takes the necessary good time on detailing through conversations making it an intriguing drama that engages at most places...!

Rahul Babu: #NovemberStory :
Too convoluted despite having a intriguing premise in paper.
Rich production values with neat direction. Clich├ęd ending and becomes too preachy towards end.
#TamannahBhatia performs well despite her poor dubbing.
Could've explored much better. DISAPPOINTED

Ramesh Bala: #NovemberStory [3.5/5]: Rest of the actors including #Pasupathy ,
@gmkhighness, #Aruldass , @actorvivekpra and others make it a worthy series to watch..
Writer/Dir #IndhraSubramanian has done lot of research in the forensic crime space and keeps the suspense till the end.. Thumbs up
#NovemberStory [3.5/5]: A riveting crime thriller.. Plenty of twists and turns.. Starts slow, then builds up fast..
@tamannaahspeaks has delivered a measured performance as a ethical hacker, who has to save her father.. The web series format gives ample space for her acting. Clapping hands sign

Kanagavel: #NovemberStory Pakka Watchable Thriller Movie.. Suspense Maintenance Too Good.. Screenplay really Worked Well @tamannaahspeaks Ok hand Worthy Acting. @actorvivekpra
@gmkhighnessPasupathy Sir & Aruldass Anna Made Their Screen presence Ok hand

Nachiappan: Watched the first 2 episodes of #NovemberStory ...... Mindblowing! Lots of research have gone into forensic crime reports by the direction team, which is very much unusual these days! very promising opening for the series! & #Pasupathy as usual rocks! Damn!His screen presence!Love-you gestureLove-you gesture
#NovemberStory is filled with riveting twists and turns in every corner and has enough in it to keep you glued to the screens for nearly five hours.