Bollywood heroines have never failed to enchant us with their ethereal beauty and enduring appeal since the advent of Indian cinema. Like wine, physical beauty does not get better with age. But, certain Bollywood actresses have conquered the art of maintaining a youthful, radiant appearance without allowing ageing even to hit at their beauty!

Unlike other actresses who settle themselves after their marriages, these actresses are seen in films, television shows, and award ceremonies. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai BachchanInstagram

International Business Times, India, presents you with a list of five gorgeous Bollywood beauties who are aging like fine wine. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Like wine, Aishwarya has matured beautifully. Miss World of 1994, Aishwarya is an embodiment of beauty. She has always impressed us with her elegance and grace. She made her debut in Bollywood in the movie Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya and since then, she continues to maintain her charm almost every time she makes a public appearance. Aishwarya Rai is also named the most beautiful woman on Earth.

Raveena Taandon

Raveena Tandon has been ruling the hearts of millions of people since her debut film Pathar Ke Phool with Salman Khan. The diva, who is a wife and mother of four, still has a daisy-like freshness. She is aging like a fine wine with her strict beauty regime. The ravishing actress continues to spread her aura and charm.

Raveena Tandon


Tabu is one of the finest Bollywood heroines. We are in awe of Tabu due to her age-defying appearance. Fans have fallen in love with her all over again thanks to her recent role in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

Can you predict her age? She is 51 now. 

At 51, She can still contend with any other diva. With ageing like wine, she doesn't hold back when it comes to choosing strong roles or fashion outfits.


Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is 50 years old but she still appears to be 25. She is the perfect definition of "aging like fine wine." She's a mother of two, an actress, and a dancer, and she only gets better with age! The woman with the prettiest smile in Bollywood is now active on social media and television shows.


Malaika Arora

A fitness enthusiast, 48-year-old Malaika always set goals for youngsters as stunning as she did before. With her flawless beauty, she ages like a fine wine. She has always been a fashion icon since her evergreen song ''Chayya Chayya" with Sharukh Khan.

Malaika Arora