Saira Banu's health has been deteriorating ever since her husband, Dilip Kumar, passed away. The legendary actor breathed his last on July 7, 2021. Industry people and close friends have been concerned about Banu's health and now, the veteran actress herself has spoken about her falling health. Saira Banu has revealed that she is not doing well and needs blessings.

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Dilip Kumar with wife Saira BanuVarinder Chawla

"I've been very close to the couple for many years. But with Yusuf Saab's passing away I have lost touch with Sairaji. I have heard alarming reports about her health. But have been unable to verify," Shatrughan Sinha told Bollywoodhungama. When a senior journalist and film critic finally managed to speak to Saira Banu, she revealed about her ill health.

Shah Rukh Khan, Uddhav Thackeray console Saira Banu
Shah Rukh Khan, Uddhav Thackeray console Saira BanuANI

Saira Banu reveals

"I am not doing well. So have not been in touch. Thank you for your message of care and kindness. God bless. Aap sab ki dua chahiye," the website quoted Saira Banu saying. Despite being 22 years younger than Dilip Kumar, Banu never let age come in between the two of them. After Saira Banu reportedly suffered a miscarriage during the early years of marriage, the couple couldn't conceive again.

Dilip Kumar on not having any child with Saira 

"But we have no regrets. We are both submissive to the will of God. As for incompleteness, I must tell you that neither Saira nor I can complain of a lack of contentment. It is enough for us that we have our families to share our happiness and our small dismays with. We feel we are lucky to be there for them when they need us," Dilip Kumar had told Hindustan Times.

Saira Banu, 77, was admitted to Hinduja hospital after complaining of chest congestion recently. The actress was kept in the ICU and has left ventricular failure. The family had decided not to go ahead with the angiography.