We think of luxury and riches, and the Ambanis, Tatas and Adanis instantly come to our mind. But we often forego the aspiring working class of our country who are living quite a lux lifestyle. From running successful startups to driving in style, entrepreneurs of India have certainly made Italian supercar brand Automobili Lamborghini extremely happy.

The Ambani's car fleet is definitely drool-worthy, from all those Mercedes to Bentleys and Beemers to Rolls Royces. But Lamborghini's attention was grabbed not by the Ambanis, but the entrepreneurs in India, who contributed heavily towards the Italian car brand's success in the country.

Entrepreneur's favourite supercar?

Lamborghini revealed interesting statistics about its sales in India, which shows the carmaker defied the industry's slowdown to rise amongst its rivals. Lamborghini India head Sharad Agarwal, while boasting about the company's success in India, said most of the Italian supercar buyers are entrepreneurs who always wanted to buy the car, IANS reported.

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South India's significant contribution

Agarwal could not share the exact sales figures about Lamborghini in India but noted that the southern part of India played a vital role in the sports car brand's success in the country.

"Today, Bengaluru or the Southern region is contributing more than 50% of our business in India. In this part of the country, the customers are more evolved and they are looking at collecting these supercars. All these regions are attracting more foreign direct investment (FDI) vis-a-vis rest of the country, this is reflecting also in the business. Bengaluru is definitely important and strategic for us," said Agarwal.

Bengaluru was hard to ignore for Lamborghini as there were some notable purchases originating from the city. It was a Bengalurean who purchased one of the 63 limited edition Aventador SVJ 63 cars and the only one in India to do so. It's worth noting that another buyer in Bengaluru was the first Indian to buy limited edition SVJ 900 supercar.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Lamborghini Aventador SVJLamborghini

Bengaluru is also called the Silicon Valley of India, the startup hub in India. As Lamborghini India's clientele mostly consists of entrepreneurs, Bengaluru remains a crucial market for the carmaker.

To give some perspective, Lamborghinis in India sure don't come cheap. All the cars are made in Italy and exported as completely built units (CBU) across the world. The import taxes and duties on Lamborghini cars in India spike the rates by 3.5 times. This results in customers paying a lot more than the car's international pricing.

In India, Lamborghini offers its Urus, Huracan and Aventador in multiple variants and customisations. The pricing of the cars start at Rs 3.10 crore and go beyond Rs 5.13 crore depending on the model and customisations.