Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will soon make a comeback on the big screen with "Jazbaa", but it has been learnt that the former Miss World was not director Sanjay Gupta's first choice for the film.

During a Twitter chat with The Times of India on Thursday, Gupta stated that he had considered Angelina Jolie for the role before finalising Aishwarya.

The director was asked if he had considered any other actress for "Jazbaa", to which he replied, "#AngelinaJolie, but when I got Ash on board I didn't bother with her #SanjayGuptaChat @TOIEntertain (sic)."

However, in reply to another question, Gupta suggested that Aishwarya was best suited for the role. When asked the reason behind casting the "Jodhaa Akbar" actress, the director said, "Why not Aishwarya for #Jazbaa. Wanted the best, went for the best @TOIEntertain #SanjayGuptaChat (sic)."

Earlier, during an interview with The Indian Express, Gupta had stated that Aishwarya was not on his mind initially, but he roped her in after having a discussion with Abhishek Bachchan.

"I didn't think of Aishwarya originally, but as Abhishek and I were chatting, I casually told him about the idea of a film that demanded a star-female actor who was the hero of the story. When he bounced off the idea with her, she was game," the daily quoted the "Jazbaa" director as saying.

Although Gupta stated that his first choice was Angelina Jolie, it is possible that he was being sarcastic.

The movie, "Jazbaa", features Irrfan Khan along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and is slated to be released on 9 October.