Anjali Kumar Manikarnika
Mother Anjali Kumar, 42 (left) and daughter Manikarnika, 12 (right) were brutally killed on December 4, 2017Twitter

The 15-year-old juvenile who is a prime suspect in the double murder of his mother and sister in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida, has confessed to his crime, after he was apprehended by the police from Varanasi.

Anjali Kumar, 42, and her daughter Manikarnika,12, allegedly succumbed to repeated assaults on their head on December 4, the police said on Saturday, December 8. The postmortem report has revealed multiple wounds on the faces and heads of accused's mother and sister.

Speaking to IBTimes India, the Noida police confirmed, "The boy has used a pair of scissors, a pizza cutter and a cricket bat to murder his mother and sister. We have recovered the murder weapons from Anjali Kumar's home in Greater Noida."

The police added: "The juvenile had left the weapons at the murder spot. He also changed his clothes before fleeing, leaving his bloodied clothes behind."

The Bisarkh police in Noida also released a press note in which they have specified the details as per the confessions made by the juvenile. "The boy was frequently scolded and beaten by mother Anjali over his studies. He was quite upset and frustrated and in this rage he committed the heinous crime when his mother and sister were asleep," the note said.

The juvenile was reportedly beaten by his mother on the day of the crime also. The police have said that the boy took some cash from the house and fled to Chandigarh from where he went to Shimla.

He then returned back to Chandigarh and from there he traveled to Varanasi where he was apprehended by the police.

Prakhar Agrawal
Police apprehended the juvenile from Varanasi .Twitter

Bisrakh police station SHO Ajay Sharma was quoted by Times Now as saying, "The boy was traced in Varanasi and from there he was brought back to Noida. He has confessed to have killed his mother and sister."