Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak? Finally, on Monday the world was introduced to the UK's next Prime Minister, after Boris Johnson. Lis Truss, who had been leading the countdown from the beginning, formally and finally became UK's PM.

Truss, who is now the UK's third female Prime Minister, after Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, has already said that she plans to follow in the footsteps of the Iron Lady Thatcher.

Truss or Sunak?
Truss beat Sunak to be UK's next Prime MinisterIANS

Her political ideologies

No stranger to terse speeches, Truss is known to be opinionated, sometimes at the cost of diplomacy, in the political circles. In the past, as a secretary of state for environment and food, she has famously addressed the issues of quality of British food, large imports from China, her objection at Britain importing two-thirds if its cheese from abroad, among other things.

No stranger to memes

Truss' father was a professor of mathematics and her mother a nurse. She started her career into politics as a young student itself, but with the very centrist Liberal Democrats, a fact that she admits but dismisses today.

She has also served as justice minister in the past. In one of her most viral and memed videos, Truss said that special patrol dogs were being deployed to guard one of the prisons, which helped keep the contraband-delivery drones at bay. Her viral speech, given in 2016, sparked a meme-fest on social media. Goes without saying, the opposition Labour Party slammed the minister over her remarks, with one parliamentarian even saying, "It's the minister who is barking."

Prior to being elected as the PM, Truss had been serving in the Foreign Office and has been tirelessly working on her image and active on both social media platforms; Instagram and Twitter. She has also vowed to stand-up to Putin.

Her India visit

It was only in March end of this year that Liz Truss visited India, primarily to urge Narendra Modi-led government to reduce its dependence on and ties to Russia. At the time, her arrival in New Delhi, embarrassingly coincided with that of Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, her sparring partner.
UK has pushed India for clear signals on its stance on the Russia. During her visit, Truss signed a joint strategic cyber partnership with India as a sign of the two nations progress on security cooperation.

Now what awaits the new PM

The following day of being elected, on Wednesday, the newly elected leader of the Conservative government will address their first PM's questions in the House of Commons. She will also make the inaugural speech before announcing the key cabinet posts of her government.