Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a complete lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus due to which the supply chain was badly hit. Though the government had stated that the essential commodities will be available but many areas across the country are complaining of limited or no food. The already frail supply chain took another blow when the extension was announced.

Now, confirming the same, in a rather disheartening video; children in Jahanabad in Bihar stated that they have been eating frogs amid the lockdown due to no food available as everything around them is shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Abhishek Kumar from Bihar

A child named Abhishek Kumar is seen talking to a correspondent in which he has stated that for the past four to five days children in Bihar have been consuming frogs. A bunch of boys are seen catching frogs and Abhishek stands amidst them narrating their fate.

He says, "Since there is lockdown and everything is closed; we do not have rice in our homes. So, we have been catching frogs and eating them for the past four to five days."

He added that he first removes the skin of the frogs, then puts them onto a stick, cook them and eat them. There were other children around him doing the same pointing towards a sorry state of affairs in Bihar.

Abhishek added that he studies in a school but because the Govt has shut down the school and the market, they have nothing left. He said that they earn and eat but now, no work is available and they have no money.

Seeing the video on Twitter, there were many who posed questions for the Nitish Kumar Govt. Some stated that Bihar has a capable Govt and their Chief Minister will provide immediate relief to these people while some Twitter users stated that why the Nitish Kumar Govt quiet was over the matter.

It should be noted that two days ago Bihar CM had urged the daily wagers not to violate the lockdown at any cost.

There were recent reports that the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar had transferred Rs 184 crores into the bank accounts of around 18 lakh ration card holding families in the state to help them fight the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Each ration card-holding family was given Rs 1,000 from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

Such incidents, however, pose a question to the state Govt and shows the plight of people who are following the lockdown but now resorting to rather helpless means.

A video clip showing Bihar children