Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant did a famous item song "Mohabbat Hai Mirchi" in Sangeeth Sivan's film "Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne." The actress who looks great in item songs is not paid well. Usually she charge Rs. 10 -12 lakh for an item song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

Bollywood "item girl", television actress and talk show host, Rakhi Sawant has compained about "encroachment on her territory", following the practice of leading Bollywood actresses performing in "item" songs.

"As actresses are doing item songs, I am getting fewer offers. I am feeling bad... few item songs are coming my way. I don't like this," said Rakhi to PTI.

After Malaika Arora Khan created a rage with "Munni Badnaam Hui" in "Dabangg" (2010), others followed suit: Katrina Kaif's "Sheila Ki Jawani" and Deepika Padukone's "Dum Maro Dum" being the notable additions to the list.

"Today an actress plays the main lead, does a negative role, and even an item song to boot. I feel there should be space for everyone in the industry. I started my career with item songs so I can't become a heroine. But today heroines are becoming item girls," Rakhi continued.

The 32-year-old Rakhi Sawant started her career with an "item" number, "Mohabbat Hai Mirchi", in Sangeeth Sivan's film "Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne" (2003).

"People have not seen me as a heroine and if I become one, it would shock people. No one wanted to take that chance. Also, I don't want to become an actress. I feel I have that spice of an item girl. I don't know if I have the quality for becoming an actress...the girl-next-door types," complained Rakhi, who doesn't fancy the idea of becoming a lead actress.