Nintendo mini NES Classic console released: 6 retro games that still compete with today's Xbox One and PS4 titles
Nintendo mini NES Classic console released: 6 retro games that still compete with today's Xbox One and PS4 titlesReuters

Just last week, the much-expected Nintendo mini NES Classic Edition went viral with respect to being lapped-up by gamers as soon as the console was released. Now, the USP of this device is that it brings back the retro era of games and gaming as there are 30 retro titles pre-loaded. With retro no more remaining retro, it only make sense in changed circumstances to take a look at some of these games that continue to be thought of by gamers even today.

Check out the list of 6 retro games, below, that are worth playing even today in the age of Xbox One and PS4:

  • Super Mario Bros 3: Released way back in 1988, we saw a lot of Super Mario and his companion Luigi while growing up. Mario craze has continued in such a way that a brand new iteration, of Mario tentatively, termed by loyalists as 3D Mario is slated for release soon.
  • Pac-Man: The first edition of Pac-Man, released in 1980, is even older than that of Mario. This game is still considered by ardent gamers as the best way to kill time during the go. Like Mario, we couldn't get enough of Pac-Man as well during our childhoods.
  • Tetris: This is one game which has seen rapid evolutions. There is virtually nobody in the world that has not played Tetris during childhood (and even early adulthood). This title is now more than three decades old.
  • Super Contra: Perhaps one of the earliest RPG and strategy titles, Contra and Super Contra are still played on smartphones today. These titles are at least two decades old.
  • Race America: Not as old as the above titles, Race America captured imagination of gamers across the world during the 1990s much before the PS4 and Xbox One high-end consoles. USP of this game is its in-game graphics and settings that were considered as innovations back then.
  • Street Fighter series: These enjoyed gamer patronage much before Mortal Kombat and its siblings. Street Fighter focussed on beating down your opponent for good. Though controversial at times, due to its strong depiction of blood and violence, the Street Fighter game series as a whole evokes nostalgia even today.