• Nikki Reed
    Nikki Reed will celebrate her first birthday after marriage with Ian Somerhalder on Sunday, 17 April.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Nikki Reed
    Speculations of Ian Somerhader and Nikki Reed started doing the rounds after the two were spotted together at a Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles on 20 July 2014.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Nikki Reed
    Although “The Vampire Diaries” star initially denied the dating rumours, he hinted about his relationship with “The Twilight” star by adopting a horse named Eagle with her.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed on the red carpet
    The couple made an an official appearance during the Teen Choice Awards held on 10 August 2014.null
  • Nikki Reed
    The two were also seen together at the Young Hollywood Awards on 28 July 2014.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Ian Somerhalder Nikki Reed
    In October, the 36-year-old actor updated Instagram with his lady love and captioned it, “A day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe. Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience-I highly recommend it.”Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Nikki Reed
    The actress also received praise from her beloved partner when he wrote on Instagram, “You hate Nikki Reed? Look on her Instagram feed or twitter and all you will see is a compassionate and beautiful human being".null
  • Nikki Reed
    Although the couple were tight lipped about their engagement, they confirmed it in February 2015.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Nikki Reed
    The celebrity couple shared wedding vows on Sunday, 26 April.Instagram/Ian Somerhalder
  • Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed share PDA picture of their exotic honeymoon, but friends say that their hurried marriage could end in a divorce very soon.Twitter/ Nikki Reed

American actress Nikki Reed, who is known for playing vampire Rosalie Hale in "The Twilight Saga", celebrates her 27th birthday on Sunday, 17 May.

Born in West Los Angeles as the daughter of set designer Seth Reed and beautician Cheryl Houston, the actress began her acting career with a semi-autobiographical film "Thirteen".

Following the success of the movie, she appeared in "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and hosted several award shows, including the Young Hollywood Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards Nomination Show and the West Independent Spirits Awards.

Later on, the celeb took a break from the entertainment world to continue her studies at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, but dropped out after a year and completed her high school diploma through homeschooling.

Some of the  big screen projects of Reed are "Last day of Summer", "Chain Letter", "Catch 44", "Empire State", "Enter the Dangerous Mind", "Murder of a Cat" and "Scout". She has also appeared in a few television shows, such "The OC", "Justice" and "Reaper".

The "Twilight" star has won numerous awards during her journey with the entertainment industry and it includes Teen Choice Award 2010, Young Hollywood Awards 2010, Delray Beach Film Festival Award 2008, Solstice Film Festival Award 2006 and Independent Spirit Award 2004.