Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut became the first celebrity to lash out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his recent on Charlie Hebdo and the series of a suspected terrorist attack that has taken place in France. While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had strongly condemned the attack and expressed his condolences to the families of the recent victims of Nice Church attack, his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau remained careful while framing his responses.

This was mainly after he witnessed another series of outrage against the French President Emmanuel Macron when he had made his statements about the repeated attacks in France being a result of "Islamist radicalism".

Kangana Justin

"In a pluralist, diverse and respectful society like ours, we owe it to ourselves to be aware of the impact of our words, of our actions on others, particularly these communities and populations who still experience a great deal of discrimination. " He also condemned the attack and said, "It is unjustifiable and Canada wholeheartedly condemns these acts while standing with our French friends who are going through extremely difficult times."

But many were disappointed with the Candian Prime Minister's statement on the issue, Kangana Ranaut is one of them. The actress took to Twitter and said, "Dear Justin, we don't live in an ideal world, people mustn't but every day they are breaking signal, doing drugs, molesting others, hurting sentiments.If every petty crime's punishment is beheading each other then why we need a Prime Minister or any law and order? Please answer this @JustinTrudeau."

"I can choose not to believe in your God, that's fine, it's not a crime, I can express how I don't agree with your religion, yes !! that's freedom of expression, learn to live with my voice, you have learned to slit my throat cause you have no answers to my questions, ask yourself. Anybody makes cartoons on Ram, Krishan, Maa Durga or any God for that matter Allah, Christ, must be punished if they do it at workplace or social media suspend them, if they disrespect openly send them to jail for 6 months, that's all, people have a right to be atheist... cont," Kangana tweeted. 

How it all started? 

From January 7 till January 9, 2015,  as many as 17 people were killed in attacks on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The magazine had published a cartoon of Prophet Muhammed. In 2020 the magazine restarted again, this time with complete support from the French President Emmanuel Macron. While he received condemnation from various countries such as Pakistan, India, he continued to be strong in his stand.

Since then, France had faced a series of attacks in their countries. A teacher was beheaded for showing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammed and in Nice, a knife-wielding attacker shouted Allah hu Akbar, then beheaded a woman and killed two others. The incident had received international condemnation, and in Canada's parliament, two minutes of silence was maintained to pay respect to the departed souls. 

Hence, when Justin Trudeau chose to comment on 'freedom of speech and expression' of cartoon satirist while condemning the recent terror attacks, that didn't go down well with various people, including Kangana Ranaut. Human Rights activist, Ayan Hirsi Ali also condemned the Candian Prime Minister for his statement. 

However, the Prime Minister also received support from a few users, who felt that he spoke like a true leader.