IBT NewsPositiV
IBT NewsPositiV

In a world of grim news, International Business Times is bringing a positive stream of news stories that will lift your spirits.

Grab your daily dose of epic stories - for free.

One NewsPositiV newsletter in your inbox every Saturday will be your news detox.

What's in NewsPositiV?

NewsPositiV is all about news stories that are uplighting, inspiring or that highlight good deeds and accomplishments. You may not hear or read about some of these acts of kindness and generosity, and advancements in science of technology that improve people's lives, but we will bring them to your screens in our weekly newsletter.

IBT NewsPositiV
IBT NewsPositiV

Reading positive news can help counteract the negative effects of exposure to negative news, and can leave people feeling more hopeful and optimistic about the world.

Get all the top positive stories of the week - in one place.

"We realised that the news scene these days gets quite negative. And the news consumers could use some positivity and hence NewsPositiv was born," said Chandra Mohan T, M.D of IBT Media, Asia.

Light reads. No jargons. All about spreading positivity.

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