At a time when the United States of America needs a hero the most, the trend about Chris Evans's return as Captain America has happily surprised everyone. A report on the Deadline stated that the actor is cleaning the dust off his Captain America superhero suit as he is expected to wear the costume soon.  

Captain America

The deal is not yet closed but it's headed towards the direction and Chris Evans is expected to return as Steve Rogers/Captain America at least in one of the Marvel films. The actor, however, may not get a stand-alone film, since Steve found his happy ending in Avengers: Endgame when he chose to stay with Agent Peggy Carter.

His presence was strongly missed in Spider-Man: Far From Home when Happy (Iron Man's assistant) tried to make a superhero move with a shield, much like Captain America does it, to protect the children. 'Don't know how Cap does it,' he had said. 

When International Business Times reached out to the representatives of Disney and Marvel they did not make any comments. Neither have they publicly announced the news from any of their official handles. Chris Evans, however, shared his reaction on social media. 

"News to me," he tweeted. "Some of the of the GIF responses are priceless and good work, everyone," he wrote in another tweet along with laughing emoticons. 

Evans had earlier announced that he would be retiring from the Marvel, Avengers franchise after Avenger: Endgame. He had become one of the Highest-Paid Actors from Hollywood after the Avengers franchise.

The entire Avengers: Endgame operation had been executed under the commands of Captain America. After successfully killing Thanos (for the second time) and bringing back people who died from the 'snap', Steve had stayed in the timeline with Agent Carter and came back in the present timeline as old and grey. He had passed on the shield to Falcon.