Director Kishore Tirumala's Telugu movie "Nenu Sailaja", starring Ram Pothineni and Keerthi Suresh, has received positive reviews from the audience across the world.

"Nenu Sailaja" is a romance drama with a good dose of comedy. Written by Kishore Tirumala, the film revolves around the story of Hari (Ram), who is a DJ at a pub in Vizag. Hari is in love with his childhood friend Sailaja (Keerthi Suresh), but he fails to convey it to her. The twist in the tale is that her family decides to marry her off to another guy. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

The audiences say that "Nenu Sailaja" is a different love story, which will impress everyone. The first half of the movie is entertaining with few comedy and interesting twists. The second half is dragging in parts and the climax is predictable. Overall, the film is a good attempt by Kishore and it will give a big break to Ram.

As Hari, Ram has delivered best performance, which is the main highlight of the movie. His chemistry with Keerthi is also good. It's a novel story, some comedy scenes and dialogues, superb music and brilliant camera work and beautiful locales are other big attraction of the movie. The slow-paced narration the second half and predictable climax are the big drawbacks of the film.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the movie shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Nenu Sailaja movie review by audience:

Haricharan Pudipeddi ‏@pudiharicharan

A tad too long but quite liked #NenuSailaja. Even with a predictable story, there's something refreshing about it.


#NenuSailaja is a good decent film.. @ramsayz strikes back..Dialogues are too good and Dsp music is an asset..Do watch the first hit of 2016

Ram Achanta ‏@RaamAchanta

#NenuSailaja is worth watch with a refreshing love story & beautiful family emotions.@ramsayz excels in every aspect. to the whole team.

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#NenuSailaja: A very well-made romantic drama. Enjoyable one. Has some good writing by director Kishore Tirumala.

Sangeetha Devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

#NenuSailaja is a feel-good film to start the year with. A simple tale, beautifully told.

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#NenuSailaja is really really good...what a way to start the new year.... Very well written & good performances by @ramsayz & Keerthy

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikanti

Year 2016 started with a Hittu cinema. #NenuSailaja clean entertainer with no forced comedy and forced scenes Go with family this weekend. Few sentiment episodes will test your patience, rest is excellently written. Hittu cinema #NenuSailaja

Buddhi Yagna Murthy ‏@yagnamurthy

#NenuSailaja - Impressive debut for Keerthi Suresh as a leading lady. Ram is back. What relief is he is not loud and overacting. He impressed with his histrionics. #NenuSailaja - Is director's flick. Kishore Tirumala done very good job with his taking and also as a dialogue writer. Ram brilliantly carried the various emotions as Hari. His chemistry with the leading lady Keerthi Suresh is worked out well. If the 2nd half narration is more tightly than present one, the movie will be more interesting.

CB ‏@cinema_babu

Good 1st half. @ThisIsDSP rockss #NenuSaialaja #NenuSailaja is a cool & neat entertainer . Loved Krishore Tummala dialogues & @ramsayz performance . @ThisIsDSP is a Big Plus

Ashok ₹eddy ‏@CAashokreddy

Film #1 of 2016 #NenuSailaja - Finally @ramsayz delivered what people expecting from him with perfect Bgm,story,dailogues & direction.

Karthik Dasari ‏@karthik_dasari

#NenuSailaja is subtle, witty and melodramatic. Well, too melodramatic at times but a clean family entertainer. Neat work by Ram.

FirstDayFirstShow ‏@fdfslive

What a fresh start to 2016.. Superb 1st half. #NenuSailaja 2nd half kuda super ga veltundi .. #NenuSailaja Dailogues bhale unnayi Pradeep rawath comedy #NenuSailaja Simple story and clean direction.chala bagundi -HIT. Superb dailogues ,too good @ThisIsDSP bgm, @ramsayz did a wonderful job.. #NenuSailaja

Charan ‏@Charanksri

#NenuSailaja - Entertainment guaranteed! 2nd half a bit weak compared to 1st half but still, rarely a dull moment. Liked it.

Kiran ‏@kiran_ncca

#NenuSailaja movie is good. @ramsayz feel good movie. Pre climax dialogues are very good.

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

ప్రపంచంలో ప్రేమ ఉంది.. దేవుడే లేడు. #NenuSailaja - Predictable right from the word go but stil @ramsayz holds it well.. Convincing 1st Half

CinemaSurfer ‏@SurfTidalWave

Interval bang "kuda" bagundhi along with first half #NenuSailaja Clean entertainer #NenuSailaja .. !! Ram has emoted so well in just the beach scene #NenuSailaja with countless expressions that RamCharan couldn't do in all his 9 movies Hit .. hit .. First half to blockbuster overall #NenuSailaja @ramsayz no Extra characters , no unnecessary scenes , no forces comedy ... a clean family entertainer #NenuSailaja go watch it !! Thank you for a clean family entertainer #NenuSailaja @ramsayz @SravanthiMovies

MINNU ‏@imVkohl1

Done with 1st half, chalaa bagundi , RAM chala baga chesadu, songs, dialogues, comedy #NenuSailaja @ramsayz @SravanthiMovies @ramsayz this is your best performance till date hero, superbly enjoying #NenuSailaja Songs & BGM @ThisIsDSP at peaks #NenuSailaja premier Congrats @ramsayz @ThisIsDSP #KeerthySuresh @NenuSailajaFilm @SravanthiMovies A clean Family entertainer #NenuSailaja Drags in 2nd half but too good dialogues Last 30mins sentiment

Sree harsha speaks ‏@sreeharsha451

@ramsayz Seen #NenuSailaja enjoyed throughly feel Gud movie wid cool emotions..your performance is at top notch..climax Free flow dialog

Chakri ‏@ItsMeChakrii

#NenuSailaja better than all recent @ramsayz movies. As usual some stuff ram imitates @PawanKalyan in last scenes with lenghty dialouge.

#Brahmotsavam teaser ‏@lovasivasankar

#nenusailaja first half is good Watchable love story bagundi ekkuddi

Naresh chowdary ‏@naresh12a43

@ramsayz first half completed... Super :) second half ilaane unte sure shot hit #nenusailaja

Venky ‏@venky_264

Watched #NenuSailaja Superb movie...Dialogues nd direction Congrats to the team Climax lo Single take superr... @ramsayz #NenuSailaja

Harish Velagapudi ‏@Harysforu

Good first half #NenuSailaja Heavy beating #Climax #NenuSailaja Routine second half avg-abv avg bomma #NenuSailaja

Kiran Reddy ‏@kiranreddy144

#NenuSailaja is a refreshing love story after a long time from #tfi..Happy new year to #tfi Thank you @ramsayz

Aarya ‏@pradeepASSRR

#NenuSailaja Good 1sf half.. Dialogues so refreshing and very settled..

Yashwanth Aluru ‏@aluruyashwanth

@ramsayz thoroughly enjoyed the film... Completely satisfied with your performance... Keep going #NenuSailaja

Dileep :-) ‏@dileep__rockzz

Passable first half and Boring ,Very routine second half #NenuSailaja !!

Guntur Box Office ‏@ursjshaik786

After many years Sravanthi movies original flavour unna Perfect Family Oriented film, Dialogues r ultimate BlockBuster #NenuSailaja Heroine perfectly apts for her role, @ramsayz shows his as Hari, @ThisIsDSP Songs & BGM super, Production values are gud #NenuSailaja