Neha Pendse
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Neha Pendse, who rose to fame with her sensuous role in May I Come In Madam? and her stay in Bigg Boss 12 house, shared a stunning black and white photo of hers a few hours ago on Instagram wearing a floral bikini. But little did she know that online perverts would just barge in like that and shamlessly flood her Instagram post with vulgar comments.

They started commenting how they got titillated by seeing her picture while some even went on to ask Neha to reveal her body parts to drive their sexual desires.

However, this is not the first time that Neha had to be at the receiving end of nasty comments. She had been body-shamed several times in the past especially for her weight. But the actress remained unfazed by all the hate and negativity that was offered to her by online trolls. She chose to be calm and dedicated towards her work.

Neha had earlier revealed that she had put on a lot of weight after she suffered a heartbreak in her relationship. She changed her diet, started eating every two hours and resorted to pole dancing to lose all that extra flab. However, in one of her old Instagram posts, Neha had said that she used to get more compliments for her curvy size and said that she loves herself irrespective of any size.

She may have been one of the first celebrities to get evicted from Bigg Boss 12 show, but the Marathi bombshell keeps her fans intrigued by giving a glimpse into her personal life every now and then on social media.