NBA 2K15
NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October, 2014.Twitter

NBA 2K15, the basketball simulation gaming title from developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports has been facing issues ever since its launch. However, the publisher has promised a patch soon.

After claiming that the online issue has been resolved, 2K Support had asked the players to "Please reboot & let us know." Players were still complaining that they were facing the issues that the company claimed as solved. Later the company said that it will investigate the issues.

Below are the tweets from 2K, giving us a timeline of the issues and the active participation of the 2K team to keep players in the loop in addressing their concerns.

2K's Ronnie revealed that though the team was working on the issue and resolved one issue, another issue still remained and that they are working to fix it. He also asked players to tweet him the screenshots of the connectivity issues they faced.

NBA 2K15 was released on 7 October 2014 and since its launch, it has been facing server issues, issues in FaceScan technology, accessibility issues on MyPark and so on.

Glitches that Need a Patch

A Redditor, NickTheBullsFan started a thread on the glitches that need to be patched in NBA 2K15. Below are the list of glitches from players:

  • After a timeout of the opposite team, you sometimes can't move the guy guarding the inbounder.
  • Doris Burke glitch with the invisible player and some free agents having the wrong season stats (especially the scrubs at the bottom).
  • Unable to access MyCarreer for a week straight and then when accessed, all the upgrades were reset and all that VC went down the drain.
  • When editing a player's signature shot, the shot base animation doesn't change and you need to go to practice or the game to check out if it fits.
  • Game crashes in both MyGM and MyTeam.

Another Redditor, chillplease laid down the blue print (wishlist) of how the patch should look like when it is released by 2K, detailing various issues in NBA 2K15:

(NOTE: These are not the REAL Patch notes but one that was compiled by a player as a wishlist)



  • All players can now connect to 2K Online (PS4, XBOX1, PS3, 360, and PC)
  • Resolved issue that caused disconnection during online matches
  • Players should no longer experience input lag during online matches
  • Resolved server-related connection issues surrounding MyTeam, MyPark and MyCareer

Currency / Rewards

  • All players have been awarded 10,000 VC for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!
  • All VC that was lost has been accounted for and credited back to your account
  • All Pre-order bonuses have been distributed accordingly and now appear in your collections
  • Any MT lost in MyTeam has been recovered and credited to your balance
  • Any VC purchased and not credited has been compensated

MyTeam Auction House

  • Auction House is now available and fully functional
  • Transaction errors have been resolved and your account is now accurate
  • Improvements made to increase speed and usability


  • NBA2KTV no longer starts automatically, users can choose to view if desired.
  • MT earned is now displayed during games
  • All camera angles enabled in MyCareer shootaround
  • Controls option now in MyCareer mode menu
  • All saved changes to camera and presentation now actually save
  • Invisibility issues during halftime with Doris have been fixed
  • A bug causing players to wear warm-ups during games has been resolved
  • Player of The Game feature now working properly, showing highlights after each game unless skipped.
  • A Tutorial has been added to the Face Scan feature



  • Chris Paul's alley-oop tendency has been reconfigured
  • CPU Teammates have been overhauled to perform consistently
  • "Keep Scores Close" will no longer cause your player to become sluggish and inaccurate
  • Shot Clock buzzer-beater success has been recalibrated
  • Dirk Nowitzki no longer has Laker color away shoes
  • LeBron James is no longer supported by Miami arena fans
  • Euro rosters have been updated and are now current
  • Illegal Screen foul tendency has been adjusted
  • Tendency for ball to sit on rim after missed shot has been reduced
  • Over The Back foul no longer exploited to control pacing
  • Zach LaVine's dunk ability has been decreased
  • A bug causing referees to not give the ball to inbounding player has been fixed


  • Player is no longer subbed in within last 10 seconds of a quarter
  • Tattoos, shoes and other store items load faster
  • Accessories and other store items now save and apply to your player correctly
  • Attempted assists no longer decrease CPU teammates shooting %
  • You can now remove or disable badges, such as Volume Shooter, etc.
  • You are now able to edit your myPlayer's nickname
  • Sock length options have been added to store accessories
  • Dante Exum will no longer have the ability to be traded to your team, solving rivalry issues
  • Face Scans now can be saved and loaded
  • Coaching Directives have been revamped to be more relevant, and scores now accurately reflect your play
  • Doc Rivers' voice now plays appropriately during timeouts


  • Cap has been removed for contract inventory
  • Injuries occur less frequently
  • Contracts can now be purchased and applied to players in bulk.
  • Frequency of elite players as domination rewards has been scaled appropriately