Madan Sharma

Earlier this week, a retired navy officer was beaten up by six Shiv Sena activists. The veteran Madan Sharma had been subjected to assault leaving him with an eye injury after he forwarded a cartoon of Uddhav Thackeray on WhatsApp.

While the six attackers were arrested by the police, Sharma's family has been vocal about the injustice done to them. They've also asked that President's rule be pronounced in Maharashtra.

Retired navy officer beaten up over WhatsApp forward

The assault of a retired navy officer, 65-year-old Madan Sharma in Mumbai has sparked outrage in India. Madan Sharma was beaten up by six Shiv Sena workers due to a WhatsApp forward. In his FIR, Sharma stated that he had forwarded a cartoon on his residential society's WhatsApp group, and it was about Uddhav Thackeray.

He was called that afternoon outside his home and was beaten up by a group of men. The footage of the assault made its way on the internet, and it showed him walking and when the men begin attacking him he runs back towards his home. 

Many netizens and opposition party members came forward to condemn the incident and demand strict action against the wrongdoers. 6 of the attackers have been arrested by the police including Kamlesh Kadam, it was reported on Friday.

Speaking to ANI, Madan Sharma had said, "In our country, everyone has freedom to express and Whatsapp is a medium to stay connected and share news. Government should take steps to identify source of a message from where it's generated."

His children have been vocal about what happened to their father, his son was quoted by India Today as saying, "We are not satisfied with the arrests. We do not feel safe in Maharashtra. There should be President's Rule in the state and a re-election."

Protest by BJP workers and Madan Sharma's family

On Saturday, Madan Sharma's daughter Sheela Sharma and BJP workers protested outside the office of the Additional Commissioner of Police demanding that the accused be booked under non-bailable offences. However, the 6 accused who were arrested including a Shiv Sena leader Kamlesh Kadam were released on bail on Saturday.