While there have been baseless rumors doing rounds, that the nationwide lockdown might extend and continue, Rajiv Gauba, Cabinet Secretary was quoted by news agency ANI, "I'm surprised to see such reports, there is no such plan of extending the lockdown," beyond the 21-day time period announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to combat coronavirus pandemic on March 24.

The Press Information Bureau further confirmed with a tweet saying, "There are rumours and media reports, claiming that the Government will extend the #Lockdown21 when it expires. The Cabinet Secretary has denied these reports, and stated that they are baseless."

No cxtension of nationwide lockdown

Rajiv Gauba, Cabinet Secretary
Rajiv Gauba, Cabinet SecretaryANI

In view of the nationwide lockdown imposed to reduce human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus disease, Prime Minister Modi made an appeal to the citizens of the country in his Mann ki Baat address to not violate the government orders of lockdown imposed, while emphasising on "social distancing and not emotional distancing" as the need of the hour. He further apologised to the citizens of the country for imposing such harsh measures in view of the coronavirus outbreak and admitted to have no other option besides imposing a coronavirus lockdown to break the virus chain.

Owing to these rumours of nationwide lockdown to perhaps continue for long and be extended, a huge exodus of migrant workers had taken to the streets, flocked bus terminals and started crossing state borders to travel back to their hometown considering absence of work at the moment in cities and metropolis. A restaurant worker from Delhi died after getting started on an arduous journey walking 200 km almost on his way home.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra ModiTwitter

In view of the current social unrest, Modi has asked the State Governments, UTs and local authorities to implement strict measures to ensure the lockdown is followed and ensure that the daily wage migrant workers do not face any hardships for food and basic necessities during the temporarily imposed lockdown.

According to a recent update, the total number of Covid-19 cases have crossed the 1,100 mark. The government has constituted 11 groups of 80 senior civil servants for the planning and implementation of Covid-19 response activities.