As Pakistan is involved in pumping drugs in the Union Territory, a senior police officer on Saturday warned of losing a generation to narcotics in Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a function organized by "Team Jammu" on eve of the "World Anti-Drug Day", Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Jammu and Kashmir Police Mukesh Singh pointed out that the narcotics menace is scaling new heights in Jammu and Kashmir and warned that a majority of the young people may fall prey to drug abuse.

He said that after importing bloodshed in J&K through proxy war, Pakistan is now spoiling the younger generation of the UT through narco-terrorism. He cautioned that narco-terrorism is more dangerous than a proxy war.

Terming drug abuse as one of the dangerous and threatening challenges before humanity, Mukesh Singh sought the support of every section of society to eradicate this menace.

"Neither police nor society alone can face this menacing challenge which is destroying our younger generation", Singh said.

ADGP Mukesh Singh
Additional Director General of Police Mukesh Singh addressing members of civil society at Jammu on eve of World Anti-Drug Daysocial media

He emphasized the joint fight by involving every section of the society to protect the younger generation from this menace. He exhorted the society to remain vigilant against the drug mafia and inform the police as soon as possible in case spotting any suspicious activities. "Your support is a must to eradicate this menace from the roots", the ADGP said.

LG's efforts for tackling drug abuses hailed.

Welcoming, Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha's concern over growing drug abuse in Jammu and Kashmir, chairman, Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal asserted, "Lieutenant Governor's concern should not remain a mere concern but it must be translated in reality and drug mafia has to be dealt with iron hands to save a younger generation. The time has come to launch operation flush out against drug lords operating in J&K, especially in Jammu Province."

Seeking support from the civil society to eradicate the menace of drug abuse, he further said that cooperation of every section of the society is a must to liberate our younger generation from the yoke of drug addiction.

"We have to accept this reality that drugs are slowly tightening grip on the youth of the J&K. It is high time to start a deciding war against this menace", he said.

Anti Drug Day
Members of civil society taking pledge to eradicate menace of drug addictionsocial media

He suggested tips to effectively deal with peer pressure. "The biggest reason teens start using drugs is because their friends utilize peer pressure. No one likes to be left out, and teens, as well as adults too, find themselves doing things they normally wouldn't do just to fit in," he explained.

J&K formulates a comprehensive de-addiction policy

Jammu and Kashmir has become the first Union Territory across the country to have a comprehensive drug de-addiction policy.

Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab is the only state to have such a policy envisaged to weed out this atrocious menace from the society.

UT Level Policy Implementation Monitoring Committee and Jammu and Kashmir Division Level De-addiction Centre Monitoring Committees have been constituted. The announcement in this regard was made on June 18 by the official spokesperson of the J&K government.

The UT level committee has been assigned the task of suggesting changes in the Drug De-addiction Policy from time to time besides looking out for financial support for various de-addiction activities in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.