Legend and Manam
Legend and ManamCollage of photos taken from Facebook and Twitter

Many filmgoers are angry with the jury of Nandi Awards 2014 over their choice of Nandamuri Balakrishna's Legend as the best feature film over Akkineni Nagarjuna's Manam.

The Andhra Pradesh government announced the Nandi Awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 on Tuesday and Balakrishna's Legend went on win in award categories.

However, selection of Legend for best feature film for 2014 over Akkineni Nagarjuna's Manam came as a shock to movie buffs and people from the film industry too in AP and Telangana.

It is well known that the Balakrishna starrer is a commercial entertainer and has very little to boast of film aesthetics, making many belittle the 'best film award'.

On the other hand, Manam featuring the three generations of actors from Akkineni Family was a blockbuster in 2014 and was also critically acclaimed. The movie has already received several Filmfare, SIIMA, CineMaa and Santosham awards, as the best film of the year.

In a similar way, cine lovers expected it to get Nandi for the best feature film as well. But to everyone's surprise, Legend led the race with nine awards, while Manam landed in the second place with four awards.

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Some viewers took to Twitter to vent their anger against the jury and alleged that the actor-turned-politician Balakrishna, who is an MLA from Hindupur, misused his political power. Here are some of their comments.

Chandu‏ @chandra3789: #NandiAwards for 2014 have become a laughing stock. The jury should introspect their honesty in choosing #Legend over #Manam. Also, no awards for #Oopiri ! Are you kidding me? Are these Nandi awards or family awards.

Nithin Roy ‏ @nithinroyz: So Jury went for commercial entertainer #Legend over an innovative #Manam #PS: That's why #Malayalam & #Tamil films are way ahead in scripts #NandiAwards2014 #Telugu #Tollywood @ncbn @iamnagarjuna #JaiBalayya #AndhraPradesh

Amruth kailash‏ @amruthkailash: #Legend is good movie but #manam is very rare movie we experience on screen.@iamnagarjuna nd #VikramKumar deserves best credits #nandiAwards

Pavankumar Reddy K‏ @paonereddy: #NandiAwards. Is #Legend ahead of #Manam ! shame on you jury ...#Manam is the best movie of the decade I feel.@iamnagarjuna @chay_akkineni

Murthy Garu‏ @MurthyGaaruu: Awards are always political statements rather than recognition. If congress did with #Mestri ,TDP did with #Legend. Legend is a good commercial mass enterttainer. #Manam ki best film ravalantey#Jagan cm avvala. Sad to see the state of affairs. #nandiawards

Major Emmadi‏ @MajorEmmadi: Legend is best film & Balakrishna is best actor. Joke of the century. R.I.P #NandiAwards.

Pk ‏ @bornTelanganite: Highlight of the whole #NandiAwards was best special effects for #Legend I never knew it was a special effects film

Noufalm‏ @noufalm786: Legend Best Movie aah?? Does the director accept it??What he also got for Best Director??The actor agreed??WTF he got the best actor award???Is that #NandiAwards or #NanKonnieInthaawardulu aah???

T SRINIVASA RAO NAIDU ⏺️‏ @abishakenaidu1: Baboiii how can #Legend be the best movie and #manam be second in list .. every actor and actress has to #boycott this lol awards ..... and what a jurry that was ... Ballayya best actor , actress , best director Anni nuvu tesuko enka endukudu #nandiawards #NandiAward #Tollywood

SPARTAN‏ @saiprabhanjan: Award for legend ?? Manam deserves it. May be the lead actor is from ruling party #NandiAwards

CINEMAKARAN‏ @cinema_karan: #NandiAwards2014 #NandiAwards Who was the jury chairperson for 2014? I don't think #Legend deserves best movie n best director than #Manam @crhemanth @TeamAkkineni

RAMESH BABU‏ @Rameshbabu_rams: #NandiAwards2014 only 9 awards for legend movie?? They forgot to give best item song.. Why not

Mirchi9‏ @Mirchi9: The biggest one to stick out of the list is Best Film Award for #Legend for the year 2014. It is a shocker of a decision and one that is making the most noise. #NandiAwards2016 #NandiAwards2014 #NandiAwards2015 While the snubbing of #Manam is blatantly apparent, there is another one the following year, but not on the same level. It is that of #JrNTR failing to get for his bravura performance in #Temper.

Mourya Teja K‏ @mouryatejak: How can Legend movie got the Best fight master award? Is government fighted for it..#NandiAwards