Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan
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The much-awaited Sreenivasan movie "Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan" was released on 25 December. Directed by Shibu Balan, the film, touted as a satirical comedy opened to lukewarm response and reviews.

The film features Innocent, Manoj K Jayan, Lal, Sreejith Ravi, Vijay Raghavan, Prem Kumar, Joy Mathew, Dharmajan and Bheeman Raghu.

The story revolves around Venugopal (Sreenivasan), a NRI who returns to Kerala after 25 years. He leads a simple life with wife Sunitha (Sangitha) and his daughter, an aspiring doctor.

Venu finds it difficult to get enough money for his daughter's education and therefore decides to sell his property, which is located in the heart of the town. But things mess up for him when he realises that his property is being converted as a waste disposal area by residents of the area. What follows is Venu's struggle to solve the issues surrounding him.

Most of the critics say that the movie has some lighter moments but most of the dialogues and the comedy looked repetitive. The crux of the storyline to convey a good message, which the makers fail to do. 

The cinematography of "Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan" has been handled by Sameer Haq and edited by Ranjan Abraham. Music has been composed by Govind Menon of "Thaikkudam Bridge" band and the lyrics have been written by Engandiyoor Chandrasekharan.

The film is produced by E4 Entertainments.

Here are the reviews of "Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan": 

"Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan might be boring and dramatic some times but the way the story has been told will make you think as well as entertain you in an effective way. Regarding the negatives of this movie most of jokes were witty but at some points they were boring as the same style of jokes were repeated again and again. The whole movie concentrated on the the problems of central characters so others prominence were bit too dull in this movie. And some of the sequences in this movie was injected into the script which were bit disappointing and unnecessary as this movie had a good plot. part from this Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan is a movie which has so much goodness in it and is a must watch for people that dwells in the urban area." – Cochin Talkies

"Sreenivasan is good as the protagonist, but there is nothing special. The jaded feel that is apparent in his movies of late is evident in his rather tired acting.Sangeetha is decent,while Innocent looks repetitive. Lal and Joy Mathew play important roles in usual manner.Manoj.K.Jayan as a goon is passable.The young actress who played the protagonist's daughter holds on. The effort to add some spark and suspense towards the latter part proves half baked and unbelievable. Sameer Haq's camera and Govind Menon's compositions are average. As a director Shibu Balan seems overawed by the reputation of Sreenivasan the scenarist. He has not managed to leave his stamp." – Metromatinee

"The script penned by Sreenivasan deals with a major social issue; which is commendable. But the script fails to execute the theme in an appropriate way; thus making the movie end up as a half-baked drama. Debutante director Shibu Balan fails to impress with the movie; as he did not succeeded in making the movie with the usual charm of Sreenivasan movies. Pappu and Sameer Haq's cinematography is above average. Ranjan Abraham's editing is fine."- Filmbeat.