On the 38th birthday of Allari Naresh on June 30, the makers of Naandhi released the teaser, showing that the comedy actor, who has opted for a makeover, is all set to bounce back with the movie.

Producer Satish Vegesna released the first impact of Naandhi as a birthday treat for Allari Naresh's fans on the Youtube channel of SV2 Entertainment. Vijay Daverakonda tweeted the link of the teaser and wrote, "#Naandhi Very happy to share this teaser with the world. Wishing my best to the entire team. Looks fantastic @allarinaresh Anna Happy birthday Anna :)."

Allari Naresh in Naandhi
Allari Naresh in NaandhiTwitter

"By 2015, there were 1401 prisons across the 29 states of India. With 3,66,781 inmates going through different kinds of punishment, but about 2,50,000 of these prisoners are still under-trail, equally undergoing imprisonment. Those, whose guilt is not proven yet! It takes nine months for a human soul to take birth. But why is taking years to pass judgment on me?" reads the subtitles featured on the teaser.

Film deals with the police brutality

The first impact of Naandhi, which has been directed by Vijay Kanakamedala, offers a glimpse at the story and its characterisation. The movie is about an under-trial prisoner (Allari Naresh) who has been waiting for justice for many years. The film deals with the police brutality and how innocent and under-trial people are punished. Its plotline appears to be fresh and has not been explored much on Indian celluloid.

Allari Naresh, the king of comedy can be in a serious avatar and besides interesting story, his intense role and performance are going to be the highlights of Naandhi. Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar and Harish Uthaman are playing a lawyer and police offer in the movie, while Priyadarashi and Praveen essay key roles. The teaser shows that they are going to be the assets of the film.

Allari Naresh's nude look in Naandhi
Allari Naresh's nude look in NaandhiTwitter

The teaser shows Naandhi's brilliant production values and Sri Charan Pakala's music, Sid's camera work, Brahma Kadali's art direction and Venkat's fights will be the attractions on the technical front.

Allari Naresh's fans are impressed with his intense look and performance, story and rich production values of Naandhi. Some of them shared their reviews of its teaser and heaped praises upon the team for their brilliant work in the film. They added that they can't wait to watch the movie in the cinema halls.

Here are some fans' reviews of Naandhi teaser shared on YouTube:

Allari Naresh's Naandhi poster
Allari Naresh's Naandhi posterTwitter

Bala Krishna: Hi Vijay k krishna bro, Allari Naresh garu, FIR of NAANDI is fabulous and very promising. Sure it will be a huge success at box office and bring more opportunities to you. Looking for more concepts like this and all the vesy best to the whole team of #NAANDI. #HBDAllariNaresh

Rakesh K Reddy: Chimpesaru gacinematography....BGM Naresh anna asusual best performance..good script selection..Nice teaser cut

Challapalli sumanth: Form is temporary, class is permanent!! Happy to see when a actor on verge of fading bounces back.

Venkatesh Inakollu: Whatever you choose apart from comedy role, you rock it always. Brill performance as expected. Wish you all the best Naresh. Otherside again expecting a good comedy film on this Covid 19 time.

Satya Darnaboina: Excellent  Surely Successful story it is and surely success will come to' Naresh ❤️HBD

Madhu Sudhan: Should release in Tamil also.... It will relate the current situation there.....

Aditya Sai Y: More movies and web series should come on this theme to create awareness among people about judicial process in India.. It should change with time and faster justice is needed for undertrials.. JaiHind

Vema: @sid sir took the Cinematographey into the next leve  at the same time Bgm  we don't need to tell about @Naresh garu he is always best from poraali to till now

Dheeran San: Don't know how many times I repeated watching this teaser, can't wait to Naresh on screen in this crime thriller