The ongoing tussle between two IAS officers in Mysuru continued on Friday with Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri saying that there is a process to be followed if any junior officer wants to complain against a senior officer, which she feels has been violated in this case.

The war of words erupted on Thursday after the Commissioner of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), Shilpa Nag, held a press conference to announce her decision to resign from her post, accusing Mysuru DC Sindhuri of humiliating her at every step.

Rohini sinduri , shilpa nag

However, hours after Nag's announcement, Sindhuri flatly denied all the accusations and termed them as "contrary to real facts".

Speaking on the sidelines of a function in Mysuru on Friday, Sindhuri said that any officer must follow the hierarchy instead of making a public outburst.

"There is a regional commissioner above whom there is a chief secretary. Even a complaint must follow a certain degree of procedure," Sindhuri said, taking a swipe at Nag.

According to Sindhuri, she had only asked Nag to furnish the details of the utilisation of the Rs 12 crore CSR funds which were contributed by various industries from across the Mysuru district.

"MCC alone cannot utilise these (CSR) funds. Are there no industries other than in Mysuru? There are industries in Nanjangud and various other places. Aren't these contributions meant to be used for the villages or talukas where these industries function? I had asked these questions to her (Nag) and I am still waiting for the answers," Sindhuri said.

She said that in all the districts, the deputy commissioners are in direct control of CSR funds and not the city commissioners, adding that it was unusual that this had happened in Mysuru.

In response to a question, Sindhuri said that she is ready with a detailed report on the entire incident which will be placed before the Chief Secretary, who in any way is coming to Mysuru to assess the district's performance in containing the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Nag said on Friday that she had no ego and she never intended to make this an egoistic battle with anyone.

"There is nothing to hide about CSR funds. Everything is transparent and anyone can see that. I did not ask anyone to make me the in-charge for CSR funds. As nobody took the responsibility, I took it upon myself," she said.

Replying to a query, Nag said that announcing her resignation was neither an intentional move, nor was she under any duress. The decision was taken after as she was unable to bear the humiliation meted out to her by another officer, she said.