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The incident took place during the night time in California, the mysterious objects spotted emit orange light and the objects appear to stay still in the sky.YouTube / secureteam10

In a latest UFO sighting, which took place in San Diego, California, luminous 'UFOs' were spotted hovering over the Pacific Ocean in footage taken by an 'eyewitness'.

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The incident took place at night, when the mysterious objects were spotted in the sky emitting an orange light and they appeared to hover in the sky. After a while the leftmost light of the three,is seen disappearing.

The video was shot by a UFO hunter named Richard, who works with a YouTube channel called Finding UFO.

The strange object seemed to be unaffected by factors like wind and gravity. The darkness of the night sky made it hard to figure out whether it was one triangular UFO, or three separate ones.

More mysterious findings have been revealed by alien hunter Tyler from Secure Team 10 in the video. He claimed to have footage revealing an image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which was shown by another YouTube channel. The image shows a mysterious spherical object buried in the Martian surface.

This alien object resembles previously discovered structures on the Red Planet

And finally, Tyler also talked about the NASA statement, posted by Huffington Post, in which NASA defines the mysterious flying objects spotted near the ISS as debris and not UFOs.

The space agency even bluntly denied seeing any UFO at the ISS , with the aim of rubbishing the last UFO sighting video published by an alien hunter. The video shows two strange craft flying past the ISS.

Previous claims made by UFOlogists and alien hunters have been rubbished by NASA which claimed the 'alien objects' in footage are lens flare or some sort of camera disturbances, and even space junk.

You can check out the video right here:

YouTube/ secureteam10