A mysterious video that has been uploaded to YouTube recently by a channel named UFO Institute is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video, apparently captured from Colombia, we can see several bright lights repeatedly flashing on the lunar surface. The video soon went viral, and it grabbed the attention of conspiracy theorists and space buffs. 

Video analyzed by an alien hunter

The video was soon analyzed by Tyler Glockner, a self-styled alien researcher who runs the YouTube channel Secureteam10. Glockner who enjoys more than 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube soon uploaded a video detailing his findings. 

mysterious flashes on moon
Mysterious flashes spotted on lunar surfaceUFO Institute/Secureteam10

Even though Glockner is not completely convinced about the authenticity of the video, he revealed that this clip needs further investigation. 

"When I first saw this on my cell phone when it popped up, I thought it was an immediate fake – almost like someone had just placed a still image of the moon in a video editor, made it slowly move from right to left across the screen and added in these flashing lights. Because I was, like, 'Where's the movement? Where is the atmospheric distortion that you always get when recording the moon from a telescope?' But then when I played it on full screen there is indeed what appears to be some atmospheric wobble there, so that definitely piqued my interest," said Glockner in the video. 

Glockner added that if the sighting is legitimate, then it could be one of the most mind-blowing captures ever, and suggested that strange things do happen on the lunar surface. 

Netizens react to mysterious flashes on the moon

The video uploaded by Glockner has gone viral, and it has already racked up more than 2,00,000 views on YouTube. After watching the video, most of the netizens suggested that something sinister is happening on the moon, and many of them claimed that aliens could be behind this phenomenon. 

"Well, I checked out the areas on Google Moon and the lights seem to come from two craters, the top one is called Censorinus and the other one Dyonisus. Guess what is slap bang in between those two [as on a line from one to the other]? Surveyor 5 [1967] and Ranger 8 [1965]. Interesting choice to land, considering the lights," commented Dingo1666, a YouTube user. 

"Strange flashes on the moon have been reported since the early time when the telescope was invented. Which just raises more questions. If it was visitors I thought they might try to be a little more discrete and not announce their presence with a bright flash, or maybe that's their way of saying hey look we're here your not alone," commented Kirk White, another YouTuber. 

However, skeptics suggested that these flashes came from a site very near to Apollo 11 landing site, which clearly indicates that some debris could be causing these reflections.