If reality is stranger than fiction, then at times it's also funnier than any stand-up comedy. A couple refusing to not just wear a mask, defy curfew, argue with the police and even call them names.

Here's how the social media and the police collectively did to the couple in  Delhi.

In a video gone viral, the couple can be seen arguing with Delhi Police after being stopped for not wearing masks and for driving without a curfew pass. "Is the car public space? What right do you have for stopping the car? We were travelling in a shut car," the wife starts off the argument in a threatening tone.

Rebels without a cause

Both husband and wife, in the video, can be seen not just arguing with the police officials on duty but also calling them names and challenging them to issue challans and or so much as dare touch the car.

Husband wife ditch mask

"All these people are scared of you. I know all about the drama you are doing in the name of Covid. How dare you stop my car? Is the car a public space and also how can you ask me to wear my mask while I am travelling in a shut car with my husband? What if I were to kiss him," the woman can be seen arguing with policemen in an aggressive tone, as they call and wait for a woman officer to make the arrest.

The policemen, in the meanwhile, can be seen trying to maintain a patient but firm stance. "Wait ma'am. We'll not just challan you but also issue an FIR, you just watch," one of them can be heard telling the woman in a matter-of-fact tone.

The helpless husband 

Residents of Patel Nagar, they were later arrested and the husband was taken to Daryaganj Police Station. The husband, identified as Pankaj Dutta, later in an interview with Aaj Tak, took a U-turn and blamed his wife for not wearing a mask and also for not letting him wear a mask. He also said, "When I am alone I always wear a mask." He also said that he asked her to wear a mask throughout the drive but she refused and for this reason they fought all along the commute.

"Especially at each traffic light, I was asking her to wear a mask. But neither does she wear it herself nor does she let me. She doesn't even allow me to apply my mind," he told the media channel.

Initially, both of them had abused the police personnel on duty for stopping their car while they were out on road during the weekend curfew and without masks. He later admitted to his wife's behaviour as nothing less than gross misconduct.

Netizens share a laugh and pity the husband