You might not know Rhythm Channa. But ask you about that viral Delhi metro girl and there is a very little chance of you not having stumbled upon the video. Rhythm sent social media into a tizzy with what many on social media called it a "Urfi Javed" styled clothes. The young girl's video from Delhi metro made her instantly famous.

Rhythm Channa
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Rhythm not bothered by negative comments

The 19-year-old girl has claimed in several interviews ever since that she didn't do any of it for becoming famous. She also said that if at all her agenda would have been to be famous, she could have chosen many other paths. She also revealed that she did get many threat messages and negative comments from people but doesn't get bothered by any of it.

Equation with family

Rhythm revealed that this was not the first time when she wore something like this and has been dressing up like this every now and then for the last few months. She went on to add that the people around her and her family members also object to it but she doesn't care. Channa said that when one video reached her family, who are from Punjab, and they called her, she heard just one statement from them and disconnected the call.

Rhythm maintains that it is her life and she will continue to wear whatever she feels like.  "We appeal to all our passengers to please maintain decorum while traveling in public transport system like Metro. However, issues like choice of clothing while traveling is a personal issue and passengers are expected to exercise a responsible Self-regulate your conduct in a proper way," the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation's (DMRC) Operation and Maintenance Act issued a statement post the incident.