Violence in BLR
Violence in BLR

Hundreds of people were seen storming the streets of east Bengaluru's Pulekeshinagar area on Tuesday midnight as massive violence erupted after INC MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy's nephew allegedly shared a derogatory post about Prophet Mohammed. As the word spread about the communally provocative post on social media, mass gathering was spotted outside the house of the prominent politician and DJ Halli police station.

Several videos showed the violent scenes in Pulekeshinagar, which ranged from torching of vehicles, pelting of stones and damaging property inside the police station premises. A group of angry mob led the violence in the area, due to which KSRP, CAR and the additional police force was deployed to take control of the situation. As of this writing, the situation has been brought under control, mobs have been dispersed and fire has been diffused in the area.

While netizens condemned the act of violence and criticized the mass gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic, one video shows the diversity that is in the DNA of Indian culture.

Muslim youth protect Hindu temple

As the violence went out of hand in the eastern part of Bengaluru, a group of Muslim youth stood in solidarity to protect a Hindu temple from being harmed or damaged during the violence. The video shows tens of young Muslim protestors forming a human chain outside a Hindu temple in Kaval Byrasandra, a nearby neighborhood from where the violence occurred.

Watch the video below: