Hotels in Mumbai reportedly refused accommodation to a Pakistani family on a pilgrimage to India, forcing them to spend the night on a footpath recently.

The family, comprising three women, two men and a 12-year old child, was in Mumbai to offer prayers at the city's famous Hajji Ali dargah on Wednesday.

They came to India last week from Karachi, stayed with their relatives in Jodhpur for a week and then left for Mumbai to offer prayers at Hajji Ali and meet Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

"After being with our relatives in Jodhpur for over a week, we decided to visit the Hajji Ali Dargah in Mumbai for ziyarat (prayers). We arrived in Mumbai on October 14 morning, went to the shrine and returned from there after prayers," Noor Banu, who had come to India with her brother Inayat Ali, told The Times of India.

"I asked the family to wait near a hotel at Bhenzi Bazaar and began searching for a hotel or lodge. Till the evening I visited around a dozen lodges, but everyone refused to admit us since we are from Pakistan," Shakeel Ahmed further said.

"The hotel staff said we are Pakistani's and they don't have permission to give us rooms", the head of the family told NDTV.

Left with no option, the family went to Mumbai Central railway station, where they were denied permission to spend the night.

"We have all proof when we have a valid visa provided by the government of India, then what is the problem in giving us accommodation" a male member of the family asked the gathered media.

They family left for Jodhpur on Thursday and said they did not wish to register a complaint, insisting they want to return home as soon as possible.

The incident shows how innocent citizens are becoming victims of the belligerent mood prevailing in India amid its deteriorating relations with Pakistan.