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7:52 pm - Shagun rejoices as Simba and Monal don't qualify to be an ideal match according to the calculation done by Oracle. Shagun is safe now. 

7:52 pm - Simba and Monal ask Oracle, "Are we an ideal match". Oracle says NO.

7: 51 pm - Sunny Leone asks Simba and Monal to ask the Oracle if they are an Ideal match or not. Monal is jittery while Simba is sure that they are.

7:42 pm - This gives Simba and Monal a chance to ask the Oracle. Rohan's decision of not going to the Oracle saves Anushka from elimination.

7:41 pm - Rohan blatantly refused to go in front of Oracle sparking a huge debate between the Splitsvillains in the dome session. They accuse Rohan of having a game plan and cheating Sheetal. 

Rohan and Sheetal
Rohan just said that he won't go to the Oracle with Sheetal.MTV India

7:37 pm - Splitsvillain vote equally for Simba and Monal, Rohan and Sheetal to give a chance to ask the Oracle whether they are an ideal match or not. 

7:34 pm - Simba writes Shagun's name to be voted out while Rohan writes Anushka's name. She starts crying as she thinks this might be her last day on the show.

7:32 pm - Monal says she cannot think of anyone but Simba to be his ideal match. Meanwhile, Rohan refuses to go in front of Oracle because he thinks his heart lies with Shruti leaving everyone baffled.

7:30 pm - Chetan gets voted out while Arushi remains safe. Chetan leaves Splitsvilla 11.

7:29 pm - Chetan sobs as Shagun votes him out. 

7:26 pm - Anushka votes against Arushi. She says she doesn't like her at all. She finds her fake. 

7:23 pm - Chetan and Arushi face the Oracle. They ask Oracle what will happen with them. Oracle tells them that they have to pay the price with their survival. They will have to leave Splitsvilla today unless the winners decide to save any one of them.

7:22 pm - All the contestants gather at the dome session of MTV Splitsvilla 11.

7:20 pm - Simba and Monal win the first Test Your Bond challenge.

7:17 pm - Chetan does it again. He writes bird instead of boat. Arushi is now crying and getting annoyed.

7:16 pm - Anshuman is having trouble guessing the word while Shurti is getting frustated like hell.

7:11 pm - It's now time for the Test Your Bond challenge. Girls will have to scribble the secret word on the back of the boys with lipstick. Boys will have to guess the word. After guessing the word, girls will kick boys into the swimming pool. They will have to pick up the letters lying at the bottom of the pool and arrange them in sequence. The first team to get the right word wins.

7:06 pm - Arushi is pissed at Chetan for taking her name in front of the Oracle. She starts abusing him however Chetan asks her to mind her language. 

7:04 pm - Chetan asks Oracle whether Arushi Dutta is his ideal match or not. And the answer is no. Oracle tells Chetan that now they will have to pay the price. The Oracle, however, tells Chetan that if he wants to save himself from the consequences, he should win the Test Your Bond challenge.

7:03 pm - All girls are worried except for Shruti thinking why they rejected Chetan by pouring wine on his head. 

The very first episode of MTV Splitsvilla 11 jolted all the contestants when host Rannvijay Singh introduced them to a new twist called Secret Session with Oracle. It gives a kind of power to the one who gets a chance to stood in front of it and tell the name of his/her to find out whether they are an ideal match or not.

After getting rejected by the Splitsvilla XI girls, Chetan was asked to go with a personal session with Oracle. If the girl really becomes his ideal match, both of them will benefit from this and give them an added advantage over other couples. However, if not, then both of them will land in trouble which may prove fatal in the competition.

Tonight's episode will also see Sunny Leone and Rannvijay interacting with the contestants in their very first dome session. In the latest promo, when Rannvijay asks Rohan if he would like to ask Oracle about his ideal match, he blatantly refuses which left everyone in shock.

While the episode is expected to be filled with lots of drama, fights and arguments, keep watching this space for live updates of MTV Splitsvilla 11.