Splitsvilla 11

7:47 pm - In the upcoming episode, Samyukta will be seen going on a pool date with boys where she says she feels a connection with one of them. Meanwhile, Samyukta will be seen picking up a fight with Anushka while Fahad can be seen shouting at Dutta. 

While Simmba tells Samyukta that he is feeling some kind of connection with her, Samyukta tries to flirt with Anshuman in front of Roshni. Samyukta says she would not want to steal anyone's partner while Roshni retorts and tells Samyukta that she just did.

7:46 pm - Girls are now getting insecure about their connections.

7:41 pm - A show is incomplete without a showstopper! Let's welcome the newest entrant in Splitsvilla 11, Samyukta Hedge! Things are definitely gonna change now. 

"I'm coming on 'Splitsvilla XI' to set people's mind on fire and make them re-think about their strategies and decisions. My entry will surely surprise the contestants and will leave an impact on the show," Samyuktha said in a statement to IANS.

"I believe in friendship and I will value those who stay on my side. I'm not very close to the idea of falling in love, I take my own sweet time for that. But if I find someone with whom I can connect instantly and go ahead in the game I will be happy to explore that," she added.

Samyuktha made her debut with Kannada film "Kirik Party". She was a participant in the 15th season of "MTV Roadies", and made a guest appearance in the fifth season of Kannada "Bigg Boss".

7:37 pm - Now that the competition is over, there will be a special dance performance from a girl who is all ready to steal everyone's heart.

7:35 pm - Anshuman and Roshni, Fahad and Arushi Dutta and Rohan and Shruti - are the three couples who stood out against all with their performance. 

7:33 pm - NOW THAT'S WHAT WE CALL A DHAMAKEDAR PERFORMANCE! Kabeer and Shagun's moves made all the Splitsvillans leave their seats and go all crazy on the stage together.

Splitsvilla 11

7:31 pm - Now Other-half of the two ideal matches - Shagun and Kabir - dance on Malhari song. The boys are exhibiting immense energy into their dance steps. 

7:29 pm - Now one-half of the two ideal matches - Arushi Handa and Anushka - are killing it on the stage with their sexy dance. All boys are jaw-dropped. Aren't these two the hottest girls in the villa?

Splitsvilla 11

7:28 pm - Rannvijay tells Karan that he is one of the best dancers in Splitsvilla 11. His connection Monal thinks he was amazing. Karan feels satisfied with his performance. 

7:25 pm - Karan doesn't have a partner. Rannvijay asks whether he wants to perform,and he says yes. And Karan is giving it all and performing like a professional dancer. He dances on Bachna Aw Haseeno. Karan had no partner to dance with, yet he danced better than any of the boys out there.

Splitsvilla 11

7:24 pm - Shruti kisses Rohan's forehead at the end of the performance. Sunny says, "you guys don't need to become an ideal match because you already are." Shruti confesses her love to Rohan and says the three magical words 'I Love You' and Rohan echoes her words back. Splitsvillans think it was one of the best performances of the night. 

7:21 pm - Shruti and Rohan are now on the stage. They dance on Nok Jhok theme. The choreography looks entertaining. Shruti is slaying it with her moves and Rohan's love is evident as he is trying hard to match up to her moves.

Splitsvilla 11

7:17 pm - Now Anshuman and Roshni hit the stage. They dance on Ainvayi Ainvayi song from Band, Baaja Baraat. The couple has lit the stage with their Bollywood number.


7:16 pm - Monal and Gourav skip Splitsvillans heartbeats with their steamy dance and boys are getting jealous with Gourav. Sunny and Rannvijay look quite impressed with their performance. They grooved to "Kundi Mat Tharkao Raja, Seedha Andar Aao Raja."

Splitsvilla 11

7:12 pm - BANG BANG! Samaera (Simmba and Maera) is giving a bang on performance and the crowd can't help but move with them. Did you like their performance?

Splitsvilla 11

7:10 pm -  "Ek hogaye hum aur tum, HUMMA HUMMA HUMMA!" Arushi and Fahad is giving us some major Love Goals with their LIT Performance. 

Splitsvilla 11

7:09 pm - Arushi and Fahad dance on Love theme. 

7:08 pm - Couples will be dancing to themes like - Feelings, Lust, flirtatious fighting and more -  in the Dance pe Chance Bae Watch session.

7:07 pm - Both girls and boys of Splitsvilla 11 are jaw-dropped to see Sunny Leone dance on the stage. 

7:06 pm - Rannvijay welcomes Splitsvillans on the stage and introduces Sunny Leone who has set fire on the stage with her steamy performance. 

Splitsvilla 11
Sunny LeoneMTV India

7:05 pm - Splitsvillans enter the spot where the dance competition will take place. 

7:04 pm - Monal chose Gourav to be her dance partner which left her connection upset. Maera teams up with Simmba but it looks like the latter is stiff when it comes to moving his body on the beats. 

7:03 pm - Arushi Dutta is getting irritated with Fahad as he shows off his dance moves. Roshni, on the other hand, is happy that she and Anshuman are comfortable with Bollywood dance. 

7:02 pm - The dance competition is on its way. Shruti says it's very difficult to make Rohan dance as he is a terrible dancer.

7:01 pm - Shagun says he is feeling quite low and disappointed. Meanwhile, Arushi Dutta is happy that Fahad was safe from elimination. 

Splitsvilla 11

Last Sunday, Shagun had an outburst at MTV Splitsvilla 11 after he failed to save his connection Sheetal from elimination and was left broken-hearted. While Shagun was trying to cope with the pain of Sheetal not being around anymore, Fahad picked a fight with him and accussing him being too dramatic. Furthermore, Anushka and Fahad were seen instigating Shagun's friends against him for the statement he made.

However, in tonight's episode, the Splitsvillans will be seen showcasing off their chemistry on the dance floor along with Sunny Leone who will make everybody's jaws drop with her steamy performance.

As Splitsvillans will be seen hitting the dance floor with their respective connections, Shruti will be seen confessing her love to Rohan for the very first time. Meanwhile, a special dance performance is lined-up but who will be performing on the stage is still a mystery.

Keep watching this space for the live updates from MTV Splitsvilla 11 at 7 pm today.