Happy endings are heart-warming and emotional. Even those where the fictional frog finally turns into a prince, let alone in real life. Amidst brutality unleashed by the pandemic, social media was treated to some healing visuals of a mother united with her 10-day old infant.

"Dr Arfa Sajadin, who had tested positive for Covid-19, battled for 10 days on the ventilator after her delivery. She broke down after taking her baby for the first time in her arms. Both mother and the baby are fine & ready to go home thanks to ILS Hospital Howrah," posted a user Pooja Mehta.

In the video, the mother can be seen manoeuvred in a wheelchair to meet the baby. However, even with the child right in front of her eyes and at arm's length, the mother is handed over a sanitizer first. She rubs it on her hands, lets them dry before holding her child for the first time ever.

Baby toes
Representational imageMarkus Reinhardt/Flickr

Social media is teary-eyed, but for right reasons

"I'm crying. God Bless," wrote a user, while also summing up the emotions of many others who watched the viral video. In the short clip, the paediatrician handing over the child can be heard saying, "It's an occasion of happiness, not grief." It takes the mother a minute of stunned silence and feeling her baby's tender cheeks before tears start rolling down. Every cloud needs a silver lining, much like every disaster needs a healing story.

Good news, amidst series of grim ones

It was only last month that the nation was subjected to yet another tragic news of a new-born losing both parents to Covid-19 within ten days of being born. In Karnataka's Mandya district, a 10-day old baby girl was yet to be named before she lost her parents to the virus. Born to Mamta and Nanjundegowda, the baby girl was conceived after nine years of prayers and anxious wait. Cases of children being rendered orphaned by the pandemic are mounting by the day.