Star Wars the last jedi tribute
Brian Kidd, a Portland based unipiper, cycling on an unicycle blowing flaming bagpipers dressed as Darth Vader from Star Wars.The Unipiper, Facebook

If you thought you could give the most unique tribute to Star Wars, try beating this! Meet Brian Kidd, a resident of Portland, who dressed up as Darth Vader and paddles his way on a unicycle blowing the bagpipes around the city.

The sight, which is not new to the city, has been going viral online and numerous users love the bizarre tribute the franchise as The Last Jedi releases today.

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It all began when Brian, dressed up as one of the Star Wars characters, took to pulling down an inflated imperial AT-AT walker. Recreating the iconic scene from "The Empire Strikes Back," the short clip was posted on December 8 and has gone viral ever since.

With over 50 thousand comments, the video has been shared more than a lakh times and has been viewed 8.1 million times on Facebook alone.

But that's not the only tribute the Unipiper (that's what he calls himself) gives. Locals have spotted him piping his way through the streets of Portland donning the Darth Vader costume and giving viewers a memorable sight.

While for the locals the Star Wars character peddling through the streets is common, thanks to Facebook, the performer has gone viral with more and more online users appreciating the bizarre tribute.

The Unipiper told The Washington Post that he chose to pay a tribute to the Star Wars franchise in such a way because he wanted to celebrate things he love. "It's just a celebration of the things I love, and I have a lot of fun doing it," Kidd said. 

"There is something so iconic about the look of Darth Vader. And the whole tragic story with Anakin Skywalker, it's a complex character," Kidd said. Speaking of The Last Jedi, the performer said he is looking forward to watching it. "I have very high expectations," Kidd shared.