Momodou Saidykhan

The world of business has thrown in many minds amidst its competitive arena who have proved their worth by reaching new heights through unconventional means, which is not everyone's cup of tea. Moddz is amongst these few who has managed to work well around the business sphere, catapulting his company's success levels to heights. He has capitalized on the ongoing trend of the digital world, by doubling his sales figures year after year that shows his vision exceeds his expectations.

The journey that leads to a glorious path is full of setbacks and challenges, the same was Moddz' experience as nothing came worthwhile his way until he sorted out things to pave a clear path that led to growth and success. Establishing his online brand Elusive was his first step into the entrepreneurial world that proceeded smoothly until it ringed in the desired figures. This Gambian born entrepreneur entered the UK at 10, thereafter pursuing studies in biomedical science from Northumbria University. The constant urge to rake in some extra cash led him towards an entrepreneurial journey. He began purchasing limited edition trainers with the £3,000 student loan he had availed and resold them for profits which were triple the purchase price, leading to a seven figure sales.

He has created enough buzz around the business circles which got him featured in the 'BBC Ones Inside Out' that aired his short story. What followed was a round of funding from the Pinnacle Group to spruce up his business operations, which led to the creation of 'Elusive', an exclusive Jordan and luxury watch selling web portal. The business took off from the time it started, never to look back, and that's how he established his presence in the world of business. Hard work, focus and determination is the mantra to success.