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Malayalam film industry is waiting for a big battle this Onam. As per the latest reports, Both Mammootty's "Rajadhi Raja" and Mohanlal's "Peruchazhi" is set to release for this Onam.

"Rajadhi Raja" is directed by debutant Ajay Vasudev and is said to be a mass film along the lines of Mammoottty's other films "Raja Manikyam" and "Pokkiriraja". Audience will also get to see the glimpse of this most-awaited Mammootty film as the teaser of the film will be out by 10 August. The film is set to release on 5 September.

The script of "Rajadhi Raja" is done by hit makers Udhayakrishna – Siby K Thomas. They have earlier done many films with Mamootty, which includes "Thuruppu Gulan", "Twenty 20", "Ee Pattanathil Bhootham", "Pokkiri Raja", and "Kammath and Kammath". Like their previous films, "Rajadhi Raja" is also expected to mint money in the box office.

The film also has the star cast of Raai Laxmi, Siddhique, Joy Mathew, Lena, Joju George, Mukesh Khanna and Taniya Stanely in the lead. The film will also see Unni Mukundan in guest appearance.

The cinematography of the film is handled by Shaji and editing is done by Mahesh Narayanan. The film is produced by MK Naseer under the banner of Goodline Productions.

Mohanlal's "Peruchazhi" is also touted to be released for this Onam. This political satire film is directed by Arun Vaidyanthanathan. He has earlier directed two Tamil films like "Achchamudu Achchamudu" (2009) starring Prasanna and Sneha and "Kalyana Samayal Saadhanam" (2013) starring Prasanna and Lekha Washington.

"Peruchazhi" revolves around the life of Vishwanathan (Mohanlal) also known as 'peruchazhi' as he is a clever aspiring politician. Mukesh will play the character of Minister Raghavan who is a good friend of Vishwanathan but the same time is his political rival.

The film takes a turn when Vishwanathan, an illiterate in English, is sent to the US during the gubernatorial election with the mission of raising the political graph of a politician who failed to keep his promise to his people.

"Peruchazhi" also has star cast of Aju Varghese, Baburaj, Vijay Babu, Delhi Ganesh, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Sean James Sutton, Ragini Nandhawani, Andrea Jeremiah, Sandra Thomas and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles.

While Arrora composed the music, the art direction is handled by Bawa and Julie Ziah. The film is edited by Vivek Harshan and the cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna.

This big-budget film is produced by Vijay and Sandra under the banner of Friday Film House. The producers will soon remake the Mohanlal starrer into Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Since both "Rajadhi Raja" and "Peruchazhi" is set as a mass film, we will have to wait and see which of these stars are going to make waves in the industry and win hearts this Onam.