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The much-awaited movie "Oppam," starring superstar Mohanlal, was released in 104 screens in Kerala on Thursday, Sept. 8. The directorial venture of popular film-maker Priyadarshan will hit the screens outside the state on Friday.

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The crime thriller, in which Mohanlal plays the role of a visually-challenged man, has been making headlines ever since it was announced, as "Oppam" marks the reunion of the actor-director duo. Though their previous outing "Geethanjali" failed to make a mark at the Kerala box office in 2013, viewers are eagerly waiting for "Oppam" since the team has delivered many blockbusters earlier.

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"Oppam," which also stars Baby Meenakshi in a leading role, is expected to open to a positive response from the audience as the movie's trailer and song video have already impressed the masses. The film stars Vimala Raman and Anusree in the female lead roles. Also check "Oppam" stills

"Oppam" has been bankrolled by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner of Aashirwad Cinemas in association with Max Lab. It has locked horns with actor Prithviraj Sukumaran and director Jeethu Joseph's revenge thriller "Oozham" at the Kerala box office. 

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BMS user

Once again Mohanlal proves that he is a complete actor & king of acting... Priyadarshan - Lalettan combo was nice ... Also the 'minnaminunge' song was good ... come back of MG Sreekumar... Let's celebrate this onam with Oppam... lalettaa...

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#Oppam Decent Thriller Gud 1St Half & Avg 2nd Half Mohanlal Performed Well Priyan's Direction Also Gud 2.75/5

Anoop Raj

saw #oppam .... superbb movie...what a come back by priyan sir :)
and laletann...woow...awesome acting performance...that #KALARY fight scene..kidukky...
Priyadharshan proved that without any suspence, without any twist or without any surprise ending...a film can be highly engaging... BGM ..oru rakshyum ilaa..and after a long time ..laletan is back with a big bang..loved it :)

Anwar Jahangir

Oppam stands out for one thing... the visual impact created by Priyadarshan . A gripping story backed by solid performance . Oppam ~~ must watch !!

Nandhu VI

Oppam is a comeback movie from Mohanlal and Priyadarshan. The film is in the genre of thriller/psycho. Don't expect a suspense thriller as Drishyam. As an actor Mohanlal doesn't have anything more to prove but the way he has portrayed the blind man is beyond words. BGM and Cinematography was top notch. Stakes was at so much high for Priyadarshan and he didn't disappoint. Definitely worth watching.#Oppam

Akhil K Nair

Thrillers , for a couple of years as a genre have had been going through some serious evolutions with its making styles and the way they are penned up . Oppam can be proudly added to the list without any doubt . Movie is a showcase of how classy, the cast 'n' crew is . Visuals were put on with giving more boost to the beauty of frames by sticking on what was put infront of the frame rather than going behind some show-off camera equipments . Proper usage of helicam was quite a treat to watch. Cast was also really good and I personally , was a lot satisfied seeing Maamukkoya in a great and hillarious role after a long time . This can be marked as a comeback from the part of Priyadarshan who had some rough hurdles with the last 2 movies .

Oppam is not that movie where the Villain plays Hide and seek with the audience . Infact he is out in the open , even for the Hero to see . But here , the Hero is helpless with his visuals which makes it more gripping . Mohanlal , as usual delivered an outstanding performance as the visually challenged but multi talented 'Jayaraman' . Most of the cast delivered a great job including Chemban Vinod , Kalabhavan Shajon , Renji Panicker , Anusree etc. . For Vimalaraman , things might get special as this was the first malayalam movie of her career which has received positive response from allover , even though she didn't have much to perform considering the whole movie . Mamookkoya had some great scenes to deliver which made the audience laugh out loud . The secret Antagonist, who is a hidden cast member was also a great choice as he was truly fit for the character with the intensity he possessed . Baby Meenakshi was cute and had a great chemistry with Lalettan to deliver some sweet moments to cherish in the movie .

The biggest plus point of the movie is its branded maker , Priyadarshan . The greatness of the frames that he had to show , especially during the opening sequence and climax were simply gorgeous. The fingerprints of a master class maker was visible through out the movie. N K Ekambaran (Cinematographor) and M S Ayyappan Nair (Editor) joined hands with priyadarshan to showcase a visually exquisite piece of art . The climax sequence , portrayed with the shades of blasting fire crackers was a treat , with the personification of devil to the Antagonist. Priyadarshan has given room for Lalettan , who is his buddy to express himself with room to do so .

Movie is penned up so neatly that it creates the mood of a crime thriller , even in the absence of a suspense or a cat and mouse game . The movie is written like a parallel hunt for their own specific goals from the parts of both the protagonist and Antagonist . Apart from a bit uneventful intro to the movie , ' Oppam ' as whole doesn't have much to blame .

As to sum up , Oppam is a neat thriller with a really good script and gorgeous making which can be enjoyed without any regrets . The fans of ' The complete actor ' too would have some great moments to look forward to. My numerical rating as an average viewer would be 3.5/5 Verdict : A sure shot

Sreejith Sivaraman C

Oppam can be said to be one of the best of Priyadarshan till date and a great comeback for complete actor Mohanlal....

Shyam Mohan

Watched Lal sir' Oppam...nothing more to say an high voltage thriller...Lal sir u proved again that why do we call u the complete actor!... incredible performance.!..the star of the show is none otherthan the legend Priyadarshan...you just underlined the fact that a person like you wont lose that kind of calibre and aesthetic sense.i beg ur pardon for underestimating you sir!
This is what we were expecting for a long time...
Thank u aashirwad for giving us such a well created craftwork....

Bharath Raj 

Priyan is back and Lalettans winning streak continues...!!
Vismayam, Janatha Garage and now OPPAM!!
A perfect holiday family thriller!!
Dont misss!!

Anand Raj

Watched Oppam
Brilliant movie from Priyadarshan Sir
Lalettan in super form
One of the best role of LalettaN
Edge of seat thriller with a convincing climax
Celebrate this Onam with our Lalettan !!!!!!!!

Sudheesh Kumar

Oppam is very family oriented movie.is very good filim.no new generation movie


I had zero expectation for this Priyan - Lal flick because their previous outing was terrible. But to my surprise, this movie had something to thrill. This time Priyan hit the sweet spot. I'm not going into the story because it has suspense element. I'm not spoiling it.
First half moved retaining the suspense element and the interval block was nice. In second half, there were some Priyan style comedies which could have been avoided. There was much lag but slowly picked up with Lalettan's unexpected mass scene. Climax was bit lengthy but ended with a good note. Mohanlal's class performance is the backbone of this film, he lived as blind man. The other notable performance came from the villain character, i'm not revealing his name though.
Overall this is the film we audience expect from our favourite combo. This movie can make wonders at box office, maybe another 50 Cr, fingers crossed ! Cheers Priyan and Lal 4/5

Saransh Shenoy 

Oppam = Drishyam 2.0 or Drishyam^2
If I say this, why you waiting anymore?
The evergreen combo,the greatest of filmmaking and acting, Priyadarshan and Lalettan have delivered one cult thriller that can give any classic of the genre a run for its money.
True to what I expected and even more, a slowly built first half races to a terrific next half.
What shall I say about Lalettan?
His age doesn't move in reverse gear, but his acting is par age.
And Priyan Sir, you're one of a kind.
No one ever dare to write you off.
Naysayers of Priyan Sir and Lalettan, please do us the favour of burying yourselves

Karthik Krishna

An interesting thrilling film!
lalettan's acting! ❤ verum kidilam! ❤
priyadarshans magical frames were really supb! ❤ direction .
podraa bgm..

Sanjay Dhanesh

Sooper first half. Thrilling second half
Story awesome. Acting(laettanu mark idaan njaan aarum aalla ennalum)100/100. Direction priyadarshan gambeeramaaki. Camera oru rakShayum illa. Samudrakkani and meenakshi thakarthu
Songs kalakki mg sreekumar returns. And lalettan rules........My rating 4/5