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Superstar Mohanlal's most awaited thriller film "Kanal" has been released as a Vijayadashmi treat to his fans on Thursday, 22 October.

The film has been released in more than 100 theatres in Kerala, even though more than seven other Malayalam films are still running with good shows.

The film, directed by M Padmakumar, also has Anoop Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Sheelu Abraham, Pratap Pothan, Honey Rose, Nikita Thukral and Akshara Kishor in pivotal roles.

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Produced by Abaam Movies in association with Mohanlal's Aashirvad Cinemas, "Kanal" is scripted by S Suresh Babu and the soundtracks have been composed by Ouseppachan and Vinu Thomas.

Check out the live audience responses below:

Pranoy Prakash Mk

Kanal - for those who love to watch raw human beings driven by their emotions.
M Padmakumar holds the thread firmly until the climax. Suresh Babu crafts the script tightly to make Kanal a well-made thriller. Vinod Illampally's thirsty camera captures the Middle East cityscapes with élan.

Sam Alex Lfa

Kanal Review....
a slow paced thriller...
with the powerful performance of Lalettan.

Priyesh Krishnan

‪#‎Kanal‬ Watched Kanal movie.... Really wrapped up with suspense 80% of the movie...Anoop Menon done a wonderfull Job...standard songs.... Extra ordinary Bgm....Film is on a slow mode with well framed dialogues.. A classic touch...after Dhrishyam one of the best output from‪#‎Mohanlal‬....he did his job excellently as always....Good Cinematography and editing...worth watchable movie for all true movie lovers....my rating 3.5/5....

Abhijith AG Balu

Kanal in total is a film full of pure class. The performance, scripting and direction was superb. If you go to watch Kanal with an expectation ofan entertainer it may not be as entertaining as a festival flick. But ifyou want to watch a film which tells a class subject in a classy way and which will not bore you then KANAL is for you all. I recommend it for you as good films are always a pleasure towatch. Here The songs are feel Bored Expect one song...

Sreeraj Venu 

Itz a pure thriller. ...Mohanlal dons the negative character in this movie. ....first half kiddu On a whole goood movie

Akhil Da Silva

‪#‎kANAL‬# A good suspense thriller. 1st half excellent & 2nd half full of suspense.
very powerfull BGM.
Climax exellent.
paisa vasoool movieeeeeee

Athul Satheesh

A slow paced thriller which entertains...!!! ‪#‎Kanal‬ hits the target...!!! Quality film ...!!! ‪#‎PaidNews‬ is like committing a murder...!!! Nice message...Different attempt...!! Liked it...!!

Abhijith AG Balu

Kanal is a Watchable thriller....
No mass Dialoges...
Class acting.....
After a long Gap a Classic Movie From lalettan...With Good Story...

Trust my Words and Enjoy It...

Ajmal Esmail

‪#‎kanal‬ movie is inspired from a english movie, the name is " Strangers on a Train "
Kanal is a above average flick. Totally disappointed with the unnecessary songs. Mohanlal's unblemished performance is the main reason to enjoy this film from the beginning to end... Nikita Thukral done a nice charector, she is looking too erotic and gorgeous in this movie... ‪#‎Anoopmenon‬ trying to explore his acting calibere in this movie, some of the emotional scenes are really worked well. Performance base everyone did justice for their charectors. The movie is bit draggy and final output gave us a positive feel... 

Nithin V Sreenivasan 

Watched ‪#‎kanal‬...
>name tell all an revange triller drama movie
>story commonly heared but director done good job to get different feel.
>coin two face villain and hero...faith leads...as like ‪#‎moideen‬
>no comdey only life.
>movie asking 'life and money has more value ?' also againest paid news and gobal resistion.
>my rating 3/5
>crew done their role well.
Verdict : average .

Jithin Raj

Lalettan s Bck
KaNal pwoliChu
Awesm frst Half
Descnt Secnd Half
with a stunning Climax
Suspense Fillld

Jayanth Anandanarayanan

watched kanal. a family oriented revenge story plot.lalettan does the role which has a negative touch.an unusual revenge story telling. the demerits are no good songs and slow paced.watch this flick without much expectations. then everybody will like this film.

Shreehari Prasad

Watchd Kanal...A usual revnge stry bt prsntd in a new style..Strtd with the voice of ‪#‎Prithvi‬
Film has got a thrilling frst half with simple but powerful dialogues...
Secnd half reviels the mystery behind ‪#‎John_David‬
Climax was excellent which was unexpctd nd had got no over heroism...
Again Lalettan stealed the show...
Other Lalettan , Anoop Menon had also made his part clear
Overall a one time watchable drama-thriller

Gopakumar Menon

Another Massive hit from Lalettan. Awesome thriller movie KANAL :_

Sanal Mon Sanal

Kanal Nalla padam ..... suspence Thriller

Malayalam Review ‏

#Kanal Strictly Average First Half. Lalettan Good. Ok Story Plot and Songs Are Poor. Slow Paced Till Now. 2nd Half Will Be Crucial. Status Good.

Disappointing Movie. Predictable Story And Boring Screenplay. Poor Songs and Lazy Direction. Lalettan Good 2/5 Below Average

Sree Raj


● Lalettan stylish&Hansome look

● melodies 2 song's

● ousepachan sir big salute of u good background score

● cute honey rose

● Anoop menon & Lalettan combo scense powlichu

● thrilling second half

● superb dialogues

● one time watchable movie

● as usual revenge story but presenting new style

My Rating : 2.8/5 (personally )

Vishnu Udayan

Kanal is an imperfect mix of emotions, thrills, drama and drags.

Akhil Balan

Average movie which could have been better!

Vinayak Mohan Haripad

kanal first half
Waiting for massive 2nd half.

Appuni Akhil T S

Slowly and dramatic thriller . A feel good movie .

Akhilesh D Pai

‪#‎kanal‬ first half ‪#‎review‬

‪#‎nice‬ introduction of lalaettan
‪#‎dialogues‬ kidu
‪#‎interval‬ punch
‪#‎songs‬ nice
#.....something big z on the way....waiting

George Sebastian


‪#‎1stHalf‬ Superb 4 out of 5