A day after interviews of Shruti Gera allegedly opening up about shooting with Raj Kundra splashed all across, the model has now said that she was completely misquoted. The young model has said that she was asked for an interview where she spoke about the casting couch in the industry. She has now alleged that the channel extracted parts of her long interview and portrayed it as said against Raj Kundra.

Shruti Gera, Raj Kundra
Shruti Gera, Raj KundraInstagram

In the video clip that grabbed attention on Wednesday, July 28, Shruti was seen telling how she was made a victim of passive casting couch but didn't succumb to it. Shruti had said that she was tortured mentally and physically at the shoot. She spoke about how she was made to come early in the morning for the shoot and no one would turn up for hours. She revealed how she was made to shoot despite a sprain and once with a bleeding injury.

Shruti also revealed that though she was not asked to get intimate with anybody directly, things were made difficult for her. She said they would do this to make her understand that if she gets "friendly" things would become smoother for her. She also added that the makers had made her sign a contract that barred her from working with any other company.

Shruti Gera
Shruti GeraInstagram

And now, Gera alleges that none of it was about Raj Kundra but about another casting couch experience. "Highly disappointed in @TimesNow They requested me for an interview, asked my experience of casting couch , I narrated one when I walked out of a film. My clip has been extracted and used stating I have alleged Raj Kundra of this. I don't know him or have anything to do with him," she tweeted.

She further wrote, "@TimesNow is this responsibile journalism ? To take a 3 min clip from a 20 min interview and use it to grab eyeballs . I will take legal action if this isn't removed immediately ! Disgusted"

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty
Raj Kundra, Shilpa ShettyInstagram

"I don't know him"

In another tweet, Shruti also asked news channels and other platforms to stop tagging her with Raj Kundra's news. "I don't know him please don't make it seem like I do by tagging me in posts with them . I stand against people pointing fingers at possible victims of the porn industry and that's all I said ! What is happening is wrong but wrong on all fronts including the consumer front ! (Folded hands)"

The channel has not released a statement confirming or denying the accusations at the time the copy was published.