Communicating over the phone has become essential in our lifestyle. We wake up to check for calls or messages first in the morning and often sleep with it too. There is no denying in saying that cell phones let us work and plan on the move. But like anywhere else, there is some basic etiquette that you should practice so that you don’t come across offensive.

Rude cell phone users are almost in every place that gets a signal! Usually, we don’t even realise we’re being indecorous. The continual rise of cell phone addicts has paved way for more impoliteness around us. And prepare for disaster if you practice the same nonchalance on a date. Chances are you’ll end up snubbing your date. So, make sure you stick to some basic rules when are using your cell phone. Here are some tips for you.

Hide That Thing

The best practice is to keep your cell phone tucked away in your pocket/purse. If it’s lying there on the table staring right at you, you won’t be able to get your mind off it. Every time your phone blinks or beeps you will jump to check or if not that, just be restless until you do. Whether you mean it or not, constantly checking your phone when you’re having a meal, watching a movie or just sitting there spending time with your date will come across as plain rude. What’s worse, it gives out the impression that your date is somewhat less important because clearly, you’re not paying them the attention they should get.

Let Them Know

If at all, you do need to take an important call that you just can’t miss, it’s advisable that you let them know beforehand and avoid any embarrassment later. When you do take that call, ensure that you don’t talk too loudly or put your phone speaker. It just serves as a distraction and makes everyone around uncomfortable. If you miss a call that can be handled later, keep it for later. Don’t have an unnecessary phone call when on a date.

Silence is Golden

Cell phones come with a great option to put your phone on vibrate mode. More so, you can switch it off. That’s what you should ideally do when on a date. If you don’t answer a call, the caller can always leave a message on text or voicemail. Show some courtesy and give undivided attention to the person you’re with.

Stay Out of the Social Network

Granted that social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, etc keep your circle updated on what you’re upto, the food you’re devouring, places you’re travelling to, instant messaging and blah blah. But, the downside to this is that, too much presence on social media actually makes you boring and irksome. Nobody really cares what food you’re eating or what restaurant you’re visiting. So, put that to a rest, at least when you’re on a date so he/she doesn’t feel like a second priority.

Make Your Date Comfortable

Persistently checking your phone while on a date (or with someone in general) can make the other person feel that you’re not interested. They might even think you’re checking the time because you’re bored or don’t have anything to talk about. So, keep your Facebook status updates, Check-Ins, Tweets, Instagramming for later and save yourself from coming across as a total loser.

Don’t show disrespect for the other person’s time and involvement no matter how much you want to leave!