Not all love stories get happy endings. But Adyar witnessed a high-tension, filmy drama on Monday when a youth climbed atop a mobile TV tower after a squabble with his ex-girlfriend. The residents were reminded of the famous scene from the classic movie Sholay when Veeru (Dharmendra) climbs atop a water tank. The reasons for Veeru (from Sholay) and Sudhir (the youth from Adyar) to take the risky step may be totally different, but it turns out there's a tangent of love, or lack thereof, connecting them.

Sudhir Kanjara, a resident of Kodman, drew the attention of a whole of people when he was blackmailing his ex-girlfriend to withdraw a police complaint against him. The girl had filed a cheating case against Sudhir after he dumped her for another girl.

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Sudhir's action even drew police's attention. A Hoysala was rushed to the spot and firefighters had also arrived. Despite numerous requests from the police officers, the youth refused to climb down. Finally, the ex-girlfriend, who had also arrived from her native along with her family members, persuaded Sudhir to come down safely.

No happy ending at last

Police impostor arrested

Whatever the squabble, this step by Sudhir landed him straight into jail. The police arrested the youth at the request of his ex-girlfriend and handed him over to the Bantwal rural police station.

Luckily, Sudhir managed to escape the situation without any grave harm to himself. One misstep and it could've ended terribly for the young man.